April 14th, 2017 Meeting Minutes

H.O.T. Clay Meeting, April 14th, 2017


Meeting called by: Ariel Bowman
Note-taker: Stephanie Wilhelm
Attendees: 8


  • Currents de-install
  • Spring 2018 Visiting Sculptor voting
  • End-of-year party at Anna’s house

Next meeting: This is the final meeting of the school year



Currents De-install:

  • Carin will need assistance with de-installing currents on Thursday, April 20th
  • This will give you an opportunity to also touch the work and see the way work was packed. It can also be fun with pizza and snacks.
  • Sarah, Stephanie, Sabrina will be here and may be able to assist.

Spring 2018 Visiting Sculptor Voting:

  • Nominations:
    • Wesley Wright
    • Jeanie Quinn
    • Kim Dickey
    • Chris Riccardo
    • Christina Cordova
    • Christine Golden
    • Doug Jeck
  • Winners:
    1) Jeanie Quinn
    2) Christine Golden
    3) Kim Dickey

Congrats to all seniors and Post-baccs on their final exhibitions!

End-of-the-Year Party:

  • At Anna’s house, Sunday, April 23rd at 11am

Big thank you to all of our officers for how amazing and wonderful and hardworking all of them are!


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