March 31st, 2017 Meeting Minutes

H.O.T. Clay Meeting, March 17th, 2017

Meeting called by: Ariel Bowman
Note-taker: Lydia Knowles
Attendees: 18


  • Currents
  • Spring Visiting Artist
  • Trading Places
  • Girls Scouts Pottery Badge
  • O.T. Officer election
  • NCECA Receipts

Next meeting: April 14th, 2017. We will vote on the Spring 2018 Visiting Artist



  • Congrats to Sarah Davey for her pieces installed at the Shadowtide show at Talon Gallery
  • Good to see Adrienne Eliades selling work at new studio in the Ash Street Project

Spring 2018 Visiting Sculpture Artist:

  • We will vote on April 14th
  • Making nominations:
    • Nominate 3 possible artists
    • Things to consider:
      • Do they normally teach workshops?
      • Is their technique interesting to watch?
      • Do they have a reference, or have you seen them give another workshop?
      • Do they have good professional connections to offer? Are they affiliated with any institutions or residency programs?
    • Send to Izzy at by April 10th

Currents Exhibition:

  • Great opening at Currents on the 16th
  • Thanks again to Carin and everyone who helped out with the show!

Trading Places, Spring 2018:

  • We were invited by University Galleries to install another Trading Places show in the spring of 2017. The last time we did this show was in the spring of 2016
  • We need a volunteer point-person to organize the show
  • Concern: People who will be students here next year are not at the meeting or are current students, to be able to say they will take on the responsibility
  • Ryan makes motion to decline invitation for 2018 due to busy time of year and lack of a point-person
  • Stephanie seconds motion
  • Discussion: We will politely decline and ask to be included in future shows
  • Further discussion: Carin makes point that the show provides good representation for H.O.T. Clay on campus, and expresses concern that University Galleries won’t ask us to do it again because gallery personnel in future years won’t remember H.O.T. Clay doing the show in previous years. Carin proposes that a current grad student accept the responsibility until H.O.T. Clay can invite a 2017-2018 post-bacc student to take the responsibility. Nan says that she can’t see a reason that one of the post-baccs would not accept the responsibility
  • People in favor of passing on show: For: 0. Against: 14. Abstaining: 0
  • Carin moves that we do accept the invitation and a grad student accepts the responsibility for now. Sarah and Ryan second motion. For: 16. Against: 0. Abstaining: 0. Motion passes. Sarah and Carin will be responsible for show unless a new student accepts responsibility

Girl Scout Pottery Badge:

  • We were approached by a local girl scout troop to help them earn their pottery badge
  • Event would happen in fall 2017
  • Would need to have a point person for this project
  • Nan discusses problems: program would need a sign-off of permission from human resources, and the program is not set up to be a firing service
  • Alternative options are discussed:
    • Suggesting a possible other location, such as the Harn
    • Doing the event in a condensed version, if at all
    • Suggesting that they could come to Art Bash
    • Putting them in contact with alum Sarah Truman who has her own studio or referring them to alum Mariana Baquero at the Reitz Union Arts and Crafts Center. Stephanie will contact Sarah and Mariana
  • This issue is now tabled for a future meeting

2017-2018 Officer Elections:

  • Positions to fill:
    • President
    • Vice President
    • Treasurer
    • Secretary
    • Executive at Large
  • We have a shortage of current students available to fill the positions, so Nan advises holding meeting within the first couple days of classes in fall 2017 to fill the “less essential” officer positions
  • Sarah nominates Ryan for treasurer. Ailynda seconds the motion. No other nominations. For: 16. Ryan has been elected treasurer
  • Michelle and GV nominate Sarah for vice president. Joey seconds the motion. No other nominations. For: 16. Sarah has been elected vice president
  • Ryan nominates GV as president. Joey and Michelle second motion. For: 16. GV has been elected president

NCECA Receipts:

  • Reminder to give receipts for NCECA expenses to Ailynda by April 7th. The receipts must show that the expense was charged to your name

Door Prize: Joey

Next Meeting: April 14th



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