March 17th, 2017 Meeting Minutes

H.O.T. Clay Meeting, March 17th, 2017

Meeting called by: Ariel Bowman
Note-taker: Alison Gensmer
Attendees: 10


  • Future Meeting Agendas
  • O.T. Officer Positions
  • Spring Sale Dates
  • Currents Update
  • Spring 2018 Visiting Artist Nominations
  • Thanks for Art Bash Participation
  • Gator Glaze-A-Thon

Next meeting: March 31st, 2017



Future Meeting Agendas:

  • March 31 – Vote on officers
  • April 14 – Vote on sculpture visiting artist


  • Portland, March 22nd -25th
  • Alumni Party at Spirit of 77 Sports Bar, Thursday, March 23rd

H.O.T. Clay Officer Positions:

  • Interested? Run for…
    • President: runs meetings, attends meetings for broader organizations, delegates, makes sure everything gets done on time, keeping club active with university, finding great animal memes, power in deciding what the club may or may not do, mainly run the meetings
    • Vice President: In charge of Currents Art show, pick jurors, and all of the things that go into putting up a show
    • Treasurer: Working with student government, and activities and involvement, making sure artists get paid, balances books at sales, sees commission for members and make sure everyone gets paid as well as putting the money back into the club.
    • Secretary: checks Gmail, takes notes at meetings and sends out minutes and announcements, photographs events
    • Executive at Large: Tries to act as personal assistant to President and Vice President, advertises Facebook and event pages, work on details of things.
  • Elections take place on March 31st 

Spring Sale:

  • Reitz Union front entrance, Tuesday and Wednesday, March 28th/29th, 9am-4pm
  • Spread the word!
  • More info will be sent in email

Currents Exhibition:

  • Installing weekend of meeting, if you would like to volunteer
  • In the Gary R. Libby Gallery. Opening on March 30th, 5:30-7:30pm
  • Big “thank you” to Carin for the enormous amount of work to get this together, work with the gallery, and make the poster

Spring 2018 Visiting Artist Nominations:

  • Email your nominations to Izzy at by April 10th
  • We will vote on April 14th
  • If your nomination is chosen you are the artist’s liaison. This is a chance to get to know the artist personally. Graduating seniors can pass on their liaison spot to someone else. There are procedures and forms to help guide you through the liaison process.
  • Things to consider when nominating:
    • Do they do workshops?
    • Is their technique interesting to watch?
    • Do they have a references?
    • Do they have good connections?
    • What stage are they in their career, i.e. emerging, mid-career, etc.?
  • Student Government increased our budget to $1500 for next year.
  • Come to Nan if you need ideas

Thanks for Art Bash Participation:

  • Good job on Art Bash, H.O.T. Clay!
  • Classrooms and student work was amazing, so thank you everyone for your volunteering!

Gator Glaze-a-Thon:

  • After the meeting gators were molded and glazed for NCECA

Door Prize: Izzy

Next Meeting: March 31st


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