September 23rd, 2016 Meeting Minutes

H.O.T. Clay Meeting, September 23rd, 2016


Meeting called by: Ariel Bowman
Note-taker: Lydia Knowles
Attendees: 19


  • Updates
  • Visiting Artist: Sunshine Cobb
  • Visiting Lecturer: Tanya Hartman
  • Fall 2017 Visiting Artist Nominations
  • Reynold’s Demonstrations
  • Officers’ Assistants
  • Re-branding
  • Fall Sale
  • Mold Make-a-Thon

Action Items:

Next meeting: October 7th. See you there!




  • New Member surveys
  • Fine Arts College Council budget:
    • Increase of $500 per semester available for visiting artists – now $1500 per semester
    • Budget for Currents show $1000
    • Budget for NCECA $1400
  • Board of College Council request ideas. Individual members can request travel or event funding.
  • Student Organization Fair and WARP tabling events
  • Camera and laptop equipment check-out available in B12


Sunshine Cobb Visiting Artist Demonstrations and Lecture:

  • Demonstrations: October 12, 9:00-4:30 and October 13, 9:00-11:30
  • Artist Lecture: October 12, 6pm
  • Sign-up will begin at the next meeting for helping with event
  • Need at least 3 volunteers to put up posters around campus and town


Fall Visiting Lecturer Tanya Hartman

  • Funding approved by BOCC
  • November 10-11 Studio visits. Lecture November 10.



Visiting artist (vessel-maker) for Fall 2017:

  • Voting for visiting artist for next fall will occur at October 21st meeting
  • To nominate an artist, send a name and three images of work to Izzy:
  • Derek suggests Ted Neal – we could get a kiln built from having him demonstrate


Reynolds Advanced Materials workshops:

  • Rescheduled: Tuesday, October 18th, and Thursday, November 3rd
  • 3-6pm in Room B14


Officer Assistants:

  • If you’re interested in a leadership role or want to be more involved with H.O.T. Clay
  • Work one-on-one with an officer to learn more about being a board member of H.O.T.
  • Help distribute information, organize events, and volunteers
  • Attend board meetings



  • Introducing NCECA to new members
  • To receive money to help reimburse NCECA costs, you must be an active member
  • Joey talks about first-time NCECA experience



  • Should we re-brand?
  • New logo, t-shirts, letterhead, website and blog
  • Try to get a graphic design graduate student to design it, or hold a design competition among members?
  • Ailynda makes motion to re-brand the club. GV seconds the motion. 19 for. 1 abstaining. 0 against. Motion passes.


Fall Sale:

  • Wednesday and Thursday, November 16th and 17th
  • Location: working on getting location at the Reitz Union


Mold Make-a-Thon:

  • Gator business card holders for sale
  • Can be used at NCECA to promote program
  • Ariel will make one prototype to make press molds from
  • Need volunteers to make more gator originals
  • Need volunteers to make clay? Any unused clay would go to the person who made it.
  • Need volunteers to make gators from the molds throughout the semester
  • Sabrina, Joey, Janet, Chris, Sarah, Gillian, Lydia want to make gator originals
  • Mold Make-a-Thon Friday, September 30th, with pizza. Time TBA.
  • Glaze-a-Thon will happen closer to the sale
  • O.T. Clay will purchase the plaster for the molds
  • Proceeds from sale of the gators will go entirely to H.O.T. Clay


Door Prize: Christina won.


Next Meeting: October 7th


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