March 11th, 2016 Meeting Minutes

H.O.T.Clay Meeting, March 11th, 2016

Meeting called by: Paige Ward

Note Taker: Senta Achée

Attendees: 18




H.O.T. Clay Officer Elections

Spring 2017 Visiting Artist Nominations

Currents Exhibition

Visiting Artist Patti Warashina

Spring Sale

Ibrahim Lecture



Action Items:

We have a FACEBOOK page: H.O.T.Clay

We have an INSTAGRAM account: #ufhotclay

  • Take pictures of your work and post them/# them to our Instagram!
  • Please sign-up for snack team volunteering!
  • Contact Paige if you are interested in helping to flyer for the Spring Sale!
  • Sign up for your shifts at the UF table at NCECA!
  • Apply to the Currents exhibition!
  • Sign-up for Patti Warashina demonstration




There are only three meetings left!

March 25th

April 15th




The Board of Directors Officer elections voting will take place during out next meeting on March 25th!


Officer Descriptions: If you have any further questions about the positions listed below please feel free to contact the member holding its current position or visit our blog and click Member Resources.

The password is: clayclayclay


President: Typically a graduate student. Facilitate everything that happens, puts in requests with Student Government and the Fine Arts College Council, schedules meetings and presents them.

Vice President: Typically a graduate student. In charge or the currents exhibition, chooses juror, pays juror, promotes and finds a space for the exhibition, decides on the theme, assists President when necessary or in case of absence.

Treasurer: In charge of budget and all the money that goes into budget. In charge of managing the books and the square card. Takes care of all receipts, gets in contact with Student Government finances, handles all of our sale money as well as the dispersal of money.

Secretary: Communication station. Manages emails, blogs, and updates. Sends out all meeting reminders, takes notes at the meetings, contacts appropriate party for distributions of events; Spring & Fall sale, visiting artists, exhibitions, etc.

Executive at Large: Ties up all loose ends. Point person to go to if anyone else on the board needs extra help, helps with Currents exhibition, mediator between H.O.T. Clay and the College Board of Councils (the CBC helps pay for visiting artists, helps us get new equipment, etc.). The Executive finds out all the rules and brings proposals to the council.


The President and Treasure have mandatory meetings on Fridays at 4pm with the Fine Art Council.


Reasons to be on the Board of Directors:

  • It is a great resume booster
  • It is a chance to get involved with the greater ceramic community
  • Builds unique skills
  • Provides the necessary skills to be on a different BOD, such as the NCECA BOD, etc.



Nominations for Spring 2017 Visiting Artist:

  • Nominate up to three visual or sculptural artists
  • Send three images of your nominee’s work to: Christina at
  • Please send your images by March 23rd
  • We will vote on the nominated artist during our NEXT MEETING held on March 25.
  • If you nominate a artist and they are selected you are the liaison for that artist: contacting artist, setting up dates, etc.

Update on Currents Exhibition:

  • Heather Mae Erikson is the juror!
  • The open call is now
  • Tell your friends
  • Promote the event
  • There is a sign-up sheet to help distribute handbills, please see Bridget if you were unable to sign-up during our meeting
  • The theme this year is domestic design
  • The reception takes place in the architecture gallery


If you have specific questions about this exhibit contact Bridget.


Visiting Artist: Patti Warashina


There is a sign-up sheet located on the H.O.T. Clay board to help with volunteering during Patti’s visit. Please take a look and sign-up!


Don’t forget to fill in what you will bring to the potluck!



            Wednesday, March 30th:

  • 8:30 Breakfast
  • 9am-12pm morning demonstration
  • 12-1pm potluck lunch in the studio
  • 1-4:30pm afternoon demonstration
  • 6pm artist lecture
  • Group Dinner after lecture

Thursday, March 31st:

  • 8:30 Breakfast
  • 9-11am Morning Demonstration
  • 11:30- 1pm Artist Break & Lunch
  • 1-5pm Student Critques
  • Group Dinner



Spring Sale:

  • Location: Plaza of the Americas
  • Date: Monday, April 4th & Tuesday, April 5th,
  • The sale poster is well on its way to being completed. There are only a few more edits to go!
  • We need volunteers to help hang up posters! Lydia showed interest in participating in this activity, if you are interested in flyering please contact Paige.
  • There will be a tabling sign-up sheet that will be posted up shortly.
  • Share this event on Facebook!
  • Ailynda has volunteered to print the poster, please help her flyer!


Visiting Artist Lecture: Ibrahim: March 25th

            Ibrahim’s lecture will take place prior to our H.O.T. Clay meeting at 2:30 in FAC 201




  • In order to receive any reimbursement for expenses from H.O.T. Clay you MUST sign up for AT LEAST two shifts at the UF table and you MUST SHOW UP!
  • The UF table is located in the exhibition hall. (Allow time to get to your shift!)
  • When you are working the table please remember to be communicative and be open to all questions!
  • Be sure to check out to look at the program guide so your shift does not conflict with something your really want to see.


It is recommended that you bring a mini “pocket portfolio” to the conference.


The NCECA Student Alumni Reunion will be held on Thursday, March 17th from 5:30-7pm at Cleaver & Cork.

Please be sure to sign in when you arrive at the reunion because we use this information to get money to pay for the event.


We are selling our H.O.T. Clay t-shirts. There is an inventory list that will be available on hand during NCECA, please keep track of what you sell.


Motion to see shirts for $10.00

Motion: Bridget

Second: Senta

Yes: 15 No: 2 Abstain: 1


Access Art: at the Harn Museum, Saturday, March 12th, 2016 from 11a.m. – 2p.m.


Trading Places De-Installation:

Times and duties will soon be posted on the H.O.T. Clay board.


Snack Team Volunteers:

We still need people to sign up to help set-up and break down the coffee and snack before and after meetings! Please fill in the blank spaces on the sign-up sheet located on the H.O.T. Clay board in the hallway!


Door prize goes to: Michelle!


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