Member Meeting Minutes — November 13th, 2015

H.O.T.Clay Meeting, October 2, 2015

Meeting called by: Paige Ward

Note Taker: Senta Achée

Attendees: 17






  • Art Bash THANK YOU
  • Julia Galloway Success
  • Sunshine Cobb
  • Fall Sale
  • Grinter Gallery Show – Trading Places


Action Items:

We have a FACEBOOK page: H.O.T.Clay

We have an INSTAGRAM account: @ufhotclay

  • If you were not at the meeting on Friday, see Paige to pick up your profits from the Art Bash sale!
  • The Julia Galloway article from the Alligator is available for reading! It is located on the H.O.T. Clay board in the hallway J
  • Sign up for your Fall Sale shifts and spread the word! The sign up is located on the H.O.T. Clay board.
  • Sign up to be apart of the Fall Sale Committee.
  • Go rent a cup from the Mug Library!



Next meeting: December 4th, See you there!




Art Bash “THANK YOU!”:

We want to thank everyone for volunteering your time and making this year’s Art Bash so successful! We had such a great time!

  • Our Sale totaled $748.00!


Julia Galloway Success:

  • Thank you everyone for all your help with Julia! There were a lot of attendees and the high volume was maintained throughout her lectures.
  • Julia’s demonstration was covered in the Alligator! If you are interested, stop by the H.O.T. Clay board and read the article!
  • Nan was on top of it and has already sent a “Thank You” card to Julia on the UF ceramic communities behalf, but with this in mind, if you had a studio meeting with Julia, it might be a nice idea to send her a letter expressing your experience and thanking her for her awesome demo! Charity has her contact information.


Sunshine Cobb Confirmed: !!!

  • Dates set: October 12th-13th, 2016
  • Bridget is the liaison


Fall Sale:

Reminder: Wednesday, 18th, the sale will be held at the Reitz Union Breezway

         Thursday 19th, in the Plaza of the Americas (located in front of Library West)

  • Having the sales at both locations this semester will be helpful for us to track sales and number to see which location will be better for us in the future.
  • 50% of item sold goes to H.O.T. Clay
  • 9am-4pm
  • Set up for the sale is at 8am. If you are selling items please make yourself available to help with set-up as well as breakdown.
  • Sign up for sale shifts ASAP!
  • Time slots are 2hrs long.

There was some discussion about having our Spring 2016 sale in the new, soon to be finished, Reitz Union colonnade space. Paige will have more details during our next meeting which she will present and the club will then have a vote!


Fall Sale Publicity:

  • Please sign up ASAP! The sign up sheet is located on the H.O.T. Clay board!
  • Christina is leading the committee – feel free to contact her for help and/or information.
  • If you are going downtown or have classes outside of the Fine Arts, please bring some flyers with you to hang up!
  • Spread the word on Facebook and tell your friends!


 Trading Spaces at Grinter Gallery:

  • Here is the deal: Each participant starts to build a form, that form is then swapped with another participant at random to work the surface. You will not finish the piece you start; it transforms into a collaboration!
  • This show does have a budget for promotional material!
  • Helping to curate or organize the show is such a good opportunity for experience and great resume builder!
  • If you are interested sign up to let us know! This opportunity will only come to fruition if enough of you are interested!
  • The dates for the exhibition are Feb. 11th – March 16th,2016
  • Installation would take place on Feb. 10th, 2016
  • The time line will and committee will be set up by our next meeting on December 04th.


Don’t forget about the Mug Library!

  • Check a mug out for a week
  • Mug submissions: email Bridget
  • 19 mugs total as of now
  • Special Collection for library
  • Tell your friends and family!


Door prize goes to: Aylinda!


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