H.O.T. Clay Member Minutes: October 23rd, 2015

H.O.T.Clay Meeting, October 23, 2015

Meeting called by: Paige Ward

Note Taker: Senta Achée

Attendees: 15






  • Sunshine Cobb
  • Fall Sale
  • Fall Sale Poster
  • Fall Sale Publicity
  • Make-A-Thon
  • Center Montessori School Donation
  • Art Bash!


Action Items:

We have a FACEBOOK page: H.O.T.Clay

We have an INSTAGRAM account: #ufhotclay

  • Sign up to help with set-up, breakdown, breakfast, and lunch for Julia Galloway’s demonstration! The sign-up sheets are now available on the H.O.T. Clay board!
  • The sign-up sheets for the wheel-throwing demonstration, raku firing, and sale during ArtBash are now available on the H.O.T. Clay board!
  • Raku ware should be bisque fired and ready for glaze firing by October 28th!
  • The sign-up sheet for the Publicity Committee for our Fall Sale is now available on the H.O.T. Clay board!
  • Sing-up for Julia Galloway Potluck!

Remember, our next meeting is on November 13, 2015






Sunshine Cobb has been nominated as the Fall 2016 visiting artist!

  • We are currently in the process of developing our visiting artist protocol. Bridget is the current correspondent and will be attempting to reach out to Sunshine in regards to her participation and interest.
  • If Sunshine finds herself unavailable the two following artists will be contacted in this order:
    • Jason Burnett
    • Lauren Gallaspy


Fall Sale Reminder:

  • The Fall Sale is coming up quickly! Please do not forget to complete inventory sheets for the work you would like to sell. If you are unsure about inventory sheet protocol please contact Paige Ward, Bridget Fairbank, Senta Achée, Ediel Dominguez, or Christina Carfora for help!



Fall Sale Poster:


  • It has been decided that we will be using the same poster for the Fall 2014 Sale poster. We WILL be creating a NEW poster for our Spring Sale!


Fall Sale Publicity Committee:


  • We need your help with publicity!
  • Please sign-up as the contact representative for the businesses listed. After you have signed up, please see Christina Carfora. Christina will then send you all of the information needed, including the press release and poster. You will then contact the company you have signed up for to see how H.O.T. Clay can get the Fall Sale promoted!
  • The sign-up sheet is available on the H.O.T. Clay board in the hallway
  • If you have any questions, please contact Christina Carfora




  • The clay is ready! Start-A-Makin’!


Clay Donation to Center Montessori School:


  • It has been asked of H.O.T. Clay of our interest in donating 50lbs of reclaimed red earthenware to the Center Montessori School’s “Empty Bowls” event.

Motion to donate: Michelle

Second to motion: Mariana


For: 15 Against: 0 Abstained: 0


Art Bash 2015: October 30th, 5-8pm


  • Art Bash is one week away!
  • There are still holes on the Raku and Throwing Demo sign-up sheets, please sign-up ASAP if you have interest in participating in either demonstrations


Important reminders regarding Art Bash 2015:


  • Please have your Raku ware bisqued and ready to glaze by the 28th!
  • The Raku glaze station will be available from now until 4pm on October 30th. You can find all glazes in the cabinet located underneath the ilse slips.
  • After 4pm on the 30th there will no longer be access to the Raku glazes, everything must be finished by then.
  • There is a cart available in the kiln room for Raku ware
  • Remember that 50% of proceeds go to H.O.T. Clay
  • Please fill out inventory sheets and stickers for items being sold during Art Bash BEFORE October 30th, 4pm.
  • Be sure to cross reference sign-up sheets to not double book yourself!
  • If you are selling your work during the sale you MUST be present during set-up and breakdown.
  • Nan Smith has contacted Bob Muller regarding our lighting situation. This means that there should be no issue regarding this matter. Paige has volunteered to contact the Sculpture department to see if they have any utility lights they could spare.



Visiting Artist Julia Galloway:


  • There are still many volunteer spots available for the Julia Galloway demo. Please sign-up if you can!
  • There will be a potluck on the first day of the demo for lunch. YUM! There is a sign-up sheet on the H.O.T. Clay board in the hallway so that there is no food cross-over!


A BIG, HUGE, and GIGANTIC, THANK YOU to everyone who has helped out so far and who will help out in the future! It takes a village and we definitely have a good one!

Keep on being your beautiful, creative selves!



This week the door prize went to: Bridget!







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