H.O.T.Clay — September 04th, 2015 — Meeting Minutes

Meeting called by: Paige Ward

First H.O.T.Clay meeting of the semester!

Note Taker: Senta Achée

Attendees: 26


Introduction, welcoming, and thank you

Visiting Artist: Julia Galloway

Visiting Scholar: Mingchun Zhang

Art Bash

Fall sale

Wood firing

Student slide shows

Silk-screen demo by Charlie Cummings

Mug Library

Action Items:

We have a FACEBOOK page: H.O.T.Clay

We have an INSTAGRAM account: #ufhotclay

Please fill out H.O.T.Clay survey and put into manila envelope on the H.O.T.Clay board in the hallway.

Email H.O.T.Clay with any fun and creative Art Bash activities.

Email Bridget about wood firing inquires

Email Briget about Mug Library submissions


Next meeting: Sept. 18th, See you there!



Fall visiting artist: Julia Galloway, Wed. Nov. 4th & 5th. Be there! She is amazing!

Visiting Scholar: Mingchun Zhang – Jingdezhen Ceramics Institute in China. Specializes in 3D printing, working in room B10, say hello!

Would anyone be interested in attending a lecture? Lecture could at 2pm before H.O.T.Clay meeting,

 -All for lecture vote: For: 26 Against: 0 Abstaining: 0

–     Schedule of lecture to be discussed next meeting.

Art Bash: October 23rd:

 H.O.T. sale:Vote: For: 26 Against: 0 Abstaining: 0

–     Everyone is free to participate. 50% of profits go to H.O.T.Clay, the other 50% go to artist.

–     Art Bash is open to the public!

–     System of labeling and specifics of sale will be discussed closer to Art Bash date.

–     Any ceramic objects/sculpture is open for sale.

–     Opportunity to earn money and to see how public responds to work

–     Give a face to the Ceramics program at UF.

–     Volunteer shifts if selling work

–     Both hallways and classrooms are used and prepared in terms of safety and display.

–     Following meetings will hash out details and sign-up sheets will be available closer to date.

 Bowling for Pots:

  • Mariana says not a huge profit and clean up is time consuming.
  • Up in the courtyard?
  • Linda suggests asking people to be creative rather than destructive, it is a much better model, and perhaps participants would be interested in pinching clay pots? $1 – gets you a ball of clay? Slip and slide?
  • Email ideas to H.O.T.Clay email address to be discussed during next meeting.

-Vote for bowling for pots? – Majority want something different.

 Raku at Art Bash:

  • Tiffany can volunteer to lead firing.
  • Anna figuring out if it is possible to have it in the courtyard?
  • Is it possible to do it in the parking lot? Screen off spaces? Do it on parking level and closer to ceramics department?
  • Excitement about the spectacle of Raku firing, starting before Art Bash event and continuing it during may be a good idea.
  • Perhaps people would pay to glaze pots that were already bisque?
  • Diana from Amaco donated Raku glazes.
  • Future Raku parties?

-Vote: Yes: 22, No: 0, Abstaining: 1


Fall Sale:

  • Dates: Nov. 18 &19
  • 50% proceeds to artist, 50% proceeds to H.O.T.Clay
  • Sale takes place in Plaza of the Americas
  • Sculpture and Vessels welcome!
  • Continuity of location can work in our advantage
  • More than location, publicity is important, most feedback has been about knowing in advance about the sale. Sending out emails/flyers a few weeks before/ the week before. Send it through the college.
  • Light board possibility? Outside of the Harn, or on University?
  • Reach out to Architecture. Leah Craig, in charge of “The Loop” – goes out to entire college as well as alum.
  • Publicity push, photo of something that is actually for sale, group of things using images not just text.
  • New president’s wife came to sale last year and needs to be re-invited.
  • Paige will do it personally.

– Date Vote: Yes: 26 No: 0 Abstaining: 0

 Make-a-thon in preparation for Fall Sale:

  • Volunteering for make-a-thon sign up sent out one week before.
  • O.T. clay provides the clay
  • 50/50% split between individual artist and H.O.T.Clay
  • Pugging clay take place one week before sale
  • Pugging clay, bisque firing, and glaze firing are all apart of volunteer duties
  • Make-a-thon is great in terms of collaboration and socialization! A good opportunity to connect with the people within the program!
  • Free clay to make work for the sale!
  • Free Pizza! Pizza! Pizza! Yum!
  • Individuals do not need to be a ceramics major to make objects!
  • Reclaim of terra-cotta clay
  • How many would attend the make a thon: 12+
  • Date issues: Possible dates: Sunday Oct 25th, Nov. 1st /1pm
    • Maybe not a good idea to have it the day after Halloween, although pizza and creativity is great for hangovers. J
  • Friday afternoon after H.O.T.Clay meeting?
  • Paige to follow up next meeting.

Wood Firing:

  • Organize a group firing? Possibly in Spring 2016
  • Good opportunity for kiln that is already there and it is not a part of our curriculum.
  • Tara Wilson built kiln as a grad student!
  • Options about trying to get a guest artist in to lead firing?
  • Details discussed at later date.
  • Need wood splitter or another source: which involves H.O.T.Clay money or funding
  • Preparation for wood firing is extensive
  • Derek should be involved!
  • Mackenzie: alum from UF and works in St. Pete
  • Passing around paper to sign up

 – Vote: Yes: 10+ No: 0 Abstaining: 0

Student Slide Shows:

  • Get together to show images of work and practice discussion of work.
  • Slide lectures on weekends?
  • Good opportunity to share what your doing and to practice public speaking.
  • Fast presentation? One aspect of work/one thing that inspires you?
  • University Gallery/ public event?
  • Most students have interest in Undergrad/Post-Bach/Grad work.
  • Before meetings? During meetings?
  • People can bring four/six slides
  • A good way to get to know you kind of thing during meetings, and that way everyone knows what everyone is doing, and it does not involve too much extra time.
  • Is Spring a better opportunity where undergrads have a bit more experience under their belts?
  • Opt out always an option
  • Once a semester
  • “If you build it they will come.”
  • One meeting, with multiple presentations?
  • Rolling events, can’t make it to one, you can make it to the next one.
  • Tag onto end of meeting?
  • Studio visits from Grad students? May be a good way to see them work!

 Silk-screen demo:

  • Charlie Cummings doing a demo for advance class
  • 2pm prior to meeting in throwing room
  • Possible dates: Oct. 09 or 16

 -Vote: Meeting before HOTClay: Yes: 16 No: Abstaining:

Mug Library!

  • Check a mug out for a week
  • Mug submissions: email Bridget
  • 19 mugs total as of now
  • Special Collection for library
  • Tell your friends and family!

Door prize goes to: Christina!


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