January 30th Meeting Minutes

01.30.15 3:00pm B16
Meeting called by Mariana Baquero
Type of meeting General
Note taker Erin O’Connell
Attendees 13 not including president
Peter Christian Johnson Feb 2nd &3rd
Discussion Typical order of the days will be switched. Monday will be the shorter demo, Tuesday will be potluck day. Critiques will take place both days. Check the board for crit sign-ups. Eddie needs more people to sign up to clean the rooms for PCJ — sign ups are on the HOT board. Since funding has been cut, we would like to use hot clay money to house PCJ at Reid Hall.
Motions Person Responsible Second
Motion to pay $180 to host Peter Christian Johnson at Reid Hall. Mario M Gabriella S
Conclusions 12 for, 0 against, 0 abstain; MOTION PASSES
IMPACT – Currents
Discussion Congratulations to Mario, Farhana, Nicole Gugliotti for getting into the show! Charity created a website to act as a one-stop-shop for information, applications, payment, and archives. Address: www.currents-exhibition.com. Hey, thanks, Charity!


Charity purchased the domain for five years. Since she purchased it with her own money, Charity proposes that HOT Clay buy the domain off of her. Linda proposes checking with UF about using UF domain and server instead of the .com domain, before deciding whether or not to purchase the site from Charity. We decide to table the issue of moving the site to a UF server until the 5 year ownership of the .com runs out.

Motions Person Responsible Second
Motion to purchase the Currents domain from Charity W for $200. Nathan M Adrienne E
Conclusions 13 for, 0 against, 0 abstaining; MOTION PASSES
NCECA March 25-28, 2015
Discussion If you are going (or seriously considering going) to NCECA please sign the list so that HOT clay has an idea of how much funding is needed. The trip will not be fully funded, keep in mind. Linda proposes looking into raising more money for NCECA via HOT Clay sale raffles. Linda offers a cup for the raffle. Possible partnership with Starbucks. Mario M volunteers to look into it. Others should contact local off-campus coffee shops for possible partnership.
HOT Clay T-Shirt Design Update
Discussion Committee leader Christina C is not present at this meeting, so the issue will be tabled until next time.
Welcome Gift for UF President
Discussion Basket full of clay creations. If you already have things made and want to contribute, write your name on the list. Or sign up to be on the committee in charge of arranging this.
Artwalk Fri, Jan 30th
Discussion Just a reminder that there are shows in the 4most, the Focus, the old train station and elsewhere downtown.

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