January 16th

12.05.14 3:00pm B16
Meeting called by Mariana Baquero
Type of meeting General
Note taker Erin O’Connell
Attendees 13, not including president
Spring Sale and Make-a-thon
Discussion Possible dates – apr 1 and 2, April 8 and 9. Make-a-thon possible dates? Need volunteers to pug clay. SIGN UP — don’t make Charity do it again.
Motions Person Responsible Second
Have the spring sale Apr 8 and 9 Mario M Marty F
Conclusions For:13 Against: 0 Abstaining: 0; MOTION PASSES
NCECA Alumni Reunion
Discussion food costs and stuff
Motions Person Responsible Second
Move to contribute 350$ to NCECA for reunion costs Mario M Marty F
Conclusions For: 13 Against: 0 Abstaining: 0; MOTION PASSES
HOT CLay Banner and T-Shirt design
Discussion T-shirts or towels for NCECA? We need a committee in charge of collecting designs and such. We need to pick alumni to ask for designs. We will only choose one alumnus design for this year’s shirts. Options: K. Snipes, L. Arbuckle, T. Erdahl, C. Debuse. Linda Arbuckle is first choice.
Elaine Henry Lecture – Wed, Jan. 28, 9-11am
Discussion One-day lecture in FAC B14. Need volunteers, sign-up sheet going around.
Peter Christian Johnson Feb 2 and 3
Discussion Gabriella is the liaison. We need someone to lend him tools for the demo. Volunteers needed. Please sign up. Short demo day will come first, second day will be long demo. There will be crit opportunities both days for about three hours. Sign up. Lecture in FAC102 this time.
Morean Arts Center St. Pete
Discussion Thursday Feb. 19-Feb. 22. 10-5pm each day. $125 per day for students—thank you, Bridget!
Welcome Gift for UF President
Discussion We have a new president, so we would like the club to offer a welcome gift. Proposed basket full of pottery and small sculptures.
Motions Person Responsible Second
Motion for HOT clay to give gift basket to new president. Paige W Mario M
Conclusions For: 12 Against:0 Abstaining: 1; MOTION PASSES
Trading Places
Discussion Do we still want to do this?

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