Meeting Minutes 11.14.14

11.14.2014 3:00pm B16
Meeting called by Mariana Baquero
Type of meeting General
Note taker Alma Guyton
Attendees 12
Discussion Good Museum Nights!
HOT Sale- Nov 19-20
Discussion Participants need to inventory their pieces, sheets on board in hallway. Grad seminar from 3-6 on Thursday so grads won’t be able to participate. Paige’s truck unavailable, need car. Maybe just use cart for transportation. Tent- we have 8×8. Matt H. may be able to supply one.


Motions Person Responsible Second
Buy a tent Katie B. Charity W.
Conclusions For:11; Against: 0; Abstaining: 0
Cup Lending Library
Discussion Bridgett- Mug Library Project. Working with Ann Lindell in the Art and Architecture Library. Mug lending display in the Library for spring semester. Need 6 mugs from HOT members. HOT Clay help with funding ($350) purchase 6 mugs from Cummings gallery? Expand to Library West possibly. Future funding for grants and a mug exchange. 12 mugs total will be on display. Use HOT Pots instead of spending $350 (donated from alumni to UF). Ask for alumni donations? Sign up sheet went around for member to donate mug.


Motions Person Responsible Second
Hot Clay fund purchase of 6 mugs ($350). Bridget F. Katie B.
Conclusions For: 1; Against: 7; Abstaining: 1
Motions Person Responsible Second
Mugs in Hot Box donate up to 6 to Bridget for Library lending project. Bridget F. Christina C.
Conclusions For: 11; Against: 0; Abstaining: 0
Visiting Artist – Paul Andrew Wandless NOV 21
Discussion Demo 9-12pm FAC B14. Lecture 2pm FAC 201. Student Critiques available.
Joe Bova Visiting Artist- March 12-13 2015
Discussion Faculty generated visiting artist, not HOT Clay. Asking for Hot Clay to get funding for honorarium from BOCC.
Motions Person Responsible Second
HOT Clay get funding from BOCC. Charity W. Farhana F.
Conclusions For: 11; Against: 0; Abstaining: 0; MOTION PASSES
Trading Places
Discussion No longer held at Charlie’s gallery. Too soon to be in January. Tabled for next meeting.
T Shirts
Discussion Get designs from alumni? Start t-shirt committee? Sell at NCECA? Maybe towels.
Motions Person Responsible Second
Table to next meeting. Cristina C. Matt H.
Conclusions For: 11; Against: 0; Abstaining: 0; MOTION PASSES
Talk to Derek about possible purchases for SG allocations.



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