Meeting Minutes 09.19.14

9.19.2014 3:00pm B16
Meeting called by Mariana Baquero
Type of meeting General
Note taker Erin O’Connell
Attendees 14 (including president)
Fall Artist – Chris Staley
Discussion Need potluck people and videographers.
Next Year’s Vessel Maker
Discussion Email nominations with 3 images to Bridget. Be prepared to talk about your vessel maker next meeting. We will vote.
Liaison for Spring Artist Peter Christian Johnson Feb 2nd and 3rd
Discussion We need a volunteer to act as the liaison for our visiting artist. Involves paperwork, coordinating, transportation. No volunteers. Next week we will try again.
Paul Andrew Wandless – Possible 2nd Fall Artist – Nov. 20th and 21
Discussion He’s doing a show in town so he could come do a demo or lecture. Are we interested? Proposed dates Nov. 20th and 21st semi-conflict with clay sale.
Motions Person Responsible Second
Let’s have Wandless come on Nov 20th and 21st. Katie B Bridget F
Conclusions For:10; Against: 0; Abstain: 3
Update on Harn Collaboration
Discussion Katie presents the plan. They want to put a bunch of objects in a cabinet. Does anyone have test tiles? Soda fired pieces? Doing a video. Email Farhana professional pictures of finished work and “in the studio” pictures of yourself to be added to the video.
Museum Nights Nov. 13th
Discussion We need to figure out what we are doing. Proposals welcome next meeting. We will have the downstairs classrooms.
Bro Bowls
Discussion We could possibly give them out at museum nights, but that could be an issue because it is a museum with expensive things. Art bash maybe? Alma and Farhana volunteer to coordinate and propose ideas. Vote next meeting.

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