11-2-12 Meeting Minutes

  Meeting Time!
  11.2.2012 3:00 Throwing Room
  Meeting called by Nicole-President
  Type of meeting General Meeting
  Note taker Michelle-Secretary
  Attendees 14
  NCECA Reunion
  Discussion Each year HOT contributes $250 to this years reunion
  Motions Person Responsible Second
  Motion that we do this for Huston this year Nicole Rob
  Conclusions 13-for 0-opposed 1-stand aside MOTION PASSES
  HOT Consignment at 4MOST
  Discussion The date we got would not give any lead up to our sale.  More info to come about this.
  Pick up Trading Places Show
  Discussion We need volunteers to pick up the work in Ocala from the trading places show.
  YAY Mariana!!!!!
  1 Million Bones
  Discussion We need people to start signing up to man the booth at Turlington on November 28
  Go to this website to sign up for times for a shift: http://www.doodle.com/x7u4rk6ng6dp8tbf
  HOT Sale/ Make –a-thon
  Discussion This Sunday at noon. We need to make a lot of stuff because of our budget cuts!
  Please send images to the HOT email (uf.hotclay@gmail.com) for the flyers and facebook page ASAP!!!!!!!!!!
  We have a few more shifts that we need to fill in on Thursday.
Currents show
  Discussion Deadline to apply is November 9.  It is free for students to apply
  There is a facebook event so share it around!
  We are going to be installing the show the first week of spring semester so there will be a sign up sheet to come
  Discussion We need to decide if we are going to create new shirts this year.  Aprons? Zines?
  Motions Person Responsible Second
  Tabling this discussion until the next meeting. Nicole Michelle
  Conclusions 10-for 0-against 0-stand aside…. MOTION PASSES



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