April 22nd Meeting Minutes

H.O.T. Clay
April 22, 2011
11 members attended

Potluck tomorrow
Lake Wauberg 2-5pm

Hot Clay Locker
New tools have been added to the locker thanks to money funded by student government
Hand sander
Gravity feed spray gun
Dremel bits
Various wrenches/ pliers
Heat gun
They will be painted pink so that we can keep track of them

We will be trying to get bulk Michael Sherril, and Dolan tools for the hot clay sale locker

Officer Duties For next year will change
Secretary new duties
Arrange club volunteer to make posters for sale and visiting artist
Make sure that the union is reserved for the sales

Set up a committee that will deal with the current issues and the vice president will be in charge of the committees and the responsibilities will be more manageable in that they will be dispersed throughout all members.
Publicity committee
Install/deinstall committee and also entire group will help
Artist correspondence

Dandee P. motions that we pass these changes and set up a committee for currents
Jocelyn H. seconds
All in favor
Motion passed

Sale committees
We should have an officer and grad heading three committees
Publicvity (secretary)
Setup / take down (vp)
Money (treasurer)

Dandee P. motions to accept these changes and have a grad and officer head the committees
Marah G. Seconds the motion
All in favor
Motion passes

We propose to have a hot clay website
Outlines visiting artist procedures
Posted the budget for all members to see

Calendar – officers specifically will be emailed deadlines

Parts of this website should be members only and other parts public. Members of the community can be more involved in hot clay and learn when the sales will be while not knowing our budget.

Google Documents for budget

Zoho may work and is free online

This will be a secretary duty to make sure the webpage is updated at the end of the year to make sure the next year will have a fresh start.

Courtney C. is running for treasurer of fine art college council

We will need more fundraising next year in order to have enough money for NCECA

National Arts in America Month

October 3rd 8am-8pm Lauren Lake has taken a leadership role to have a marathon to
raise knowledge of the arts in public spaces around campus. They are thinking about having a table possibly in the plaza of the Americas.

The Harn is having a show of Women Japanese ceramicists. They are having a museum night on nov 10th and were wanting to collaborate with HOT to possibly have demos on the museum night. Alyssa Payton would be the contact.

ArtBash may be moved to sometime in Oct.

The currents exhibition will be held on November 21st- December 9th

Sam Chung will be coming the 5th and 6th of October

Last year the HOT sale was during mid November

We have Veterans day off in November and Homecoming is in October as well

November 4th is homecoming

Courtney C. motions to reserve November 17th and 18th at the Reitz Union.

Marah G. seconds the motion
All in favor.
Motion Passed.

Provided by ADR


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