April 8th Meeting Minutes

H.O.T. Clay
April 8, 2011
14 members attended

We are gathering the receipts for NCECA to give to Marah G. She didn’t receive the papers beforehand so the money is not yet available.
We must have a kiln room cleanup. The pedestal area needs straightening up.

We should vote on whether or not we want to have a potluck and where and when do we want to do it? It can be hot clay sponsored but you can invite your friends! We really enjoyed having it at Lake Wauberg last time.
Jocelyn H. motions to have it at Lake Wauberg
Lindsay R. seconds the motion
All in favor, motion passes.

Discussion of dates that we should hold the potluck.
We will have the event on April 23rd.
Courtney C. motions that we have the event at 2pm
Lindsay R. seconds
All in favor.

H.O.T. Clay Store
In the past hot has bought tools to have for students to purchase tools from hot. Dandee P. has contacted Dolan tools to see if we can have a bulk order. We need a volunteer to organize what Galen purchased and get a folder typed up in order to advertise it to people who are teaching. Rhonda volunteers to help.

Marah G. is not here therefore the money cannot be distributed at the moment. You can bring your receipts to Dandee P. P. and she will distribute the money to you. We will distribute approx. 25% of the cost of the trip. This means each student receives $75.

There is a Currents de-install sign up sheet on the H.O.T. bulletin board. This will be the week after May 31st.

Our next meeting will be on April 22nd and we will be voting on what next year’s officers duties will entail.

Provided by ADR


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