March 18th Meeting Minutes

H.O.T. Clay
March 18, 2011
16 members attended

Ray will be gone for the next 3 weeks. He will be available through cell phone contact and e-mail. He will be here for some of the weekends. We will be installing Resonance next week. You are all invited to Ray’s opening on Friday april 1st. The gallery is located across the street from the Hyatt. There will be a lot of food and a cash bar. He will be sending out the exact information to the list serv today.
If you are going to NCECA you need to watch the table. If you are getting money from the school you need to be sitting the table. In the past there has been a situation where people go to NCECA, get a day pass, do not sit the table, and get money from NCECA. There is now jurisdiction in the HOT CLAY bylaws stating you must sit the table. There are many opportunities to network at the table. Ray will not be picking up any shifts this year because he has been assigned to make sure everything is running well with the simultaneous demonstrations. He has also been organizing the volunteers. The table must be set up on Wednesday.

What do you do at the table?

Talk to the people that come up to the table. Dramatization. We will be getting a list of what the facilities entail to have at the table. Tell people your name. We get between 45-60 applications and accept 2-3people. The misconception of our postbacc program is that they are declined grads. All of our grads are funded with 100% tuition coverage and healthcare with the University.

When the conference is over you must pick up your left over business cards and postcards. Anything left on the table will be thrown away. Please do not rely on people. Friday at 5pm is the last day of the table. One grad and one postbacc or undergrad must be at the table at all times. The last person helping to close the table must take the computer back with them. The first person in the morning must bring the computer back. Nan will be in charge of the computer.

We cannot hang anything on the three foot curtain behind the booth. The T-shirts and sign must not be pinned there. Nothing can be put up above it either. The sign-up sheet must be completely filled. has the NCECA schedule.

It is on MARCH 27th and 28th. If you signed up for demonstrators the list got taken down so we are sorry if you are no longer on the list. We need more people to help. If there is something you really want to do add a space and write your name. There is a conference page website stating all of the events that will be happening.

NCECA funds will be distributed after we return from the conference.

Please hand in a copy of your registration to Marah G.

Next meeting will be April 8th at 3pm

End of the year party? We are thinking about doing a final hot clay event. We will be discussing this futher on the 8th.

Sam Chung will be coming here October 5th and 6th! Thanks Jeffery S.

Provided by ADR


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