February 25th Meeting Minutes

H.O.T. Clay
February 25, 2011
16 members attended

H.O.T. Sale:
Everyone needs to sign up for two shifts for the H.O.T. clay sale.
Sunday at 8pm we will meet in the studios to truck over the pots to the Reitz Union for the sale. Everyone needs to be here to be responsible for their own boxes of pots. We also need to each be responsible for bringing the pots back from the sale on Tuesday.

Please fill out the inventory sheets with initials price and number. We will be highlighting and stickering each sold item on the inventory sheets.
Discussion of pricing and what undercutting would mean.

We will be selling them at the pre-conference. We need someone to volunteer to make a display for the t-shirts. We need the prices and sizes clearly stated. Autumn H. suggests that the t-shirts be placed next to the food. We should display where everyone convenes.

Autumn H. volunteers to do this.

We will also be selling them at the H.O.T. clay sale.

Dandee P. motions to vote whether or not we give our three professors and ceramic tech a t-shirt.

Autumn Seconds the motion.

The motion is passed.

Our three professors and ceramic tech will receive free shirts.

Donna F. motions that we give the presenters t-shirts to wear as well.

Jeffery S. seconds the motion.

All in favor.

Currents Show dates
Install Dates: March 12-13 at the Thomas Center
We need more volunteers to help install this show.
Please contact Galen O. if you are able to help with the installation of this show.

IFAH & Empty Bowls Donations
They are taking donations for empty bowls and have asked our club to donate. The drop off site is at the Reitz Union at the craft center and it would be very easy to go from the sale to the drop off site in order to donate. It is not mandatory but if you are able to donate any bowls it would be appreciated.

Provided by ADR


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