>February 11th Meeting Minutes

>H.O.T. Clay
February 11, 2011
19 members attended

Meeting Agenda:
A sign up sheet will be sent around for the H.O.T. sale committees
Money group

Set up and take down (in charge of organization although all members need to set up and take down

Publicity committee who make and hang the posters and need to meet for 5 minutes after the meeting today

We need to spread the wealth to each group and not have too many people in one group. The posters need to be 8 x 10 in order to be put up at the Reitz Union

This weekend:
Make-a-thon- tomorrow Saturday at 10 am
Critical discussion group on Sunday at 3pm

Voting for Visiting Artist:
Everyone will vote for their top three choices and the top three will be the ones chosen.

Susan Harris
Liz Summerfield
Michael Connely
Allegheny Meadows
Jennifer Allen
Mark Cole
Deborah Schwartzkopf
Diana Fayt
Molly Hatch
Tom Coleman
Martha Grover
Julia Galloway
Simon Levin
Mark Digeros
George McCauley
Christa Assad
Sam Chung
Ayumi Horie
Martina Lantin
Doug Peltzman
Michael Kline

Nicole G motions that we vote once and that if there a bunch of ties then we would vote twice.

Courtney C. Seconds

16 for

3 opposed

We vote once.

Marah Gaiti amends the motions to go back to the original voting where everyone votes for their top three and those become one, two, and three in the most popular amount.

Chris P. Seconds the motion

All in favor.

We Vote.

Autumn H. makes a motion to erase all names that have less than 5 votes

Courtney C. seconds the motion.

All in favor.

People who had more than 5 votes that we will re-vote on
Jennifer Allen
Ayumi Horie
Diana Fayt
Deborah Schwartzkopt
Martha Grover
Sam Chung

We vote once on these remaining artists.

Top Three Votes in Order
First Place- Sam Chung, Jeffery S. is the Liason.
Second Place- Diana Fayt, Lindsay R. is the Liason.
Third Place- Deborah Swartzkopt and Ayumi Horie Tied. They tied again. President

Dandee P. gets to vote in this case and votes for Ayumi Horie. Ayumi Horie wins the tie and Jeffery S. would be the liason.

Officer Voting
Nominate each different office secretary, treasurer, vice president, president in that order.

The nominee can speak a few minutes about why they are best for the job. They will be dismissed and we will vote without the nominee in the room. If the person in uncontested the club can vote uncontested.

Jeffery S. nominates Andrea Z. for secretary and she accepts the nominaton. She in uncontested

Dandee P. motions that we vote her in.

Galen O. seconds

All in favor.

Andrea Z. is our new secretary.

Marah G. nominates Courtney C. and she accepts the nomination. She is uncontested.

Dandee P. motions that we vote to have Courtney C. as our treasurer.

Marah G. seconds the motion

All in favor.

Courtney C. is our new treasurer.

Courtney C. nominates Jeffery S. and he accepts

Jeffery S. nominates Marah G. and he accepts

Rhonda C. nominates herself and then Jeffery S. nominated her.

The nominees leave the room and the group commences in discussion.

Marah G. is the new vice president.

Donna nominates Jeffery S. but he declines

Jeffery S. nominates Lindsay R. and she accepts.

Autumn H. nominates Donna F. and she declines.

Lindsay R. nominates Rhonda C. and she declines

Dandee P. motions that we vote Lindsay R. in as president

Marah G. seconds the motion

All in favor.

Lindsay R. becomes our new president.

Provided by ADR.


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