>February 4th Meeting Minutes

>H.O.T. Clay
February 4, 2011
15 members attended

H.O.T. Sale
We need to settle on a Reitz Union sale date and since we have an incredibly cramped schedule this semester we need to vote on a new date right away. The previous dates were the 24th and 25th. The only consecutive dates that are available are March 24th and 25th which is right before the preconference. Discussion about it possibly being on different consecutive days rather than a Thursday and Friday. We also need to take into consideration the install dates for shows. The sale needs to happen before NCECA due to the fact that the funding is determined upon the sale. Discussion of possible dates.

Dandee P. motions that we vote for the week prior to spring break Tuesday march 1st and Wednesday 2nd
Kaitlin B. seconds the motion
We will have the sale at the Reitz Union on March 1st and 2nd.
We find out that the Reitz Union is not available on the 2nd.
February 28th and the 1st are available however and that is what we will go with.

Next Meeting
Next meeting we will vote on Officers and on the potter for next fall
Please send in 3-5 images before the next meeting to Dandee P. at dpattee@gmail.com
Provided by ADR


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