>January 28th Meeting Minutes

>nH.O.T. Clay
January 28, 2011
14 members attended

H.O.T. Sale
We will be having the Reitz Union sale on February 24th and 25th. We need to have it before the conference so that we will have time to sit the sale. It is suggested that the sale could possibly be set up at Turlington Plaza. It can be reserved online in order to table at the plaza. It is the most highly traveled area of campus. There is no covering over Turlington Plaza.

Dandee P. motions to whether or not we will have a make-a-thon prior to the sale.
9 for
2 opposed
2 abstain
We will have a make-a-thon on Saturday February 12th at 10am – 5pm

NCECA Funding
We will not know about NCECA funding until after the sale.

Officer Voting
Next meeting we will be voting in next years’ officers for H.O.T. Clay. We will be voting on president, vice president, treasurer, and secretary. We are voting early so that next years’ officers can shadow the current officers before the new year begins.

Officer’s duties need to be rewritten and are as follows:

The treasurer must deposit sale checks within three days of the sale.

Treasurer must notify the president when funds have been deposited.

Vice president must give the currents application checks to the treasurer as they come in and they must be deposited within three days of receipt.

Dandee P. motions to accept these changes in the officer official duties.
All are for and these will be the new official duties of officers.

Critical Group
1st meeting February 13th or February 6th after the Pizza Party
1st reading will be from Dr. Sandra Alfondy’s new book “Neo-Craft”

Nicole G. motions to have the first critical group on the 13th
Jocelyn H. seconds the motion
The motion is passed.

The first critical meeting will be on February 13th.
Dandee P. will email the reading as a PDF to the group. Please have the reading read prior to the 13th and bring some snacks.

The pizza part will be on February 6th at 3pm.

Ashley R. will be e-mailing a schedule of the dates.

Provided by ADR.


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