>January 14, 2011 Meeting Minutes

>H.O.T. Clay
January 14, 2011
17 members attended

Calendar Events:
Spring sale will be Feb 26-27
NCECA will be March 30-April 2nd – we will have a paper registration for hot members
NCECA Pre-conference march 27-28
Show installation (see your group leader)
Sunday Afternoon pizza parties will be posted on the H.O.T. clay bulletin board

Tioga Sale
Feb 26-27
Our booth placement is at the end of the streets and is not a good placement. This is due to the fact that is a free booth.
Chris P. motions that we move the sale back to the Reitz Union due to the fact that we are making more money there than at Tioga.
Galen O. Seconds the motion
Discussion. We could start a mailing list for the sales at the Reitz Union.
If we did both sales where individual members would break off and do the Tioga sale as well, half of the funds would still go to H.O.T.
Nicole G. amends the motion. We do the Reitz Union sale and if people want to take it upon their selves to do the Tioga sale they may.
Three people may want to do the Tioga sale.
Galen proposes to do the sale during the pre-conference. Although, it seems that it may be too much there would be a huge customer base.
Galen motions that we will have the sale at the Reitz union instead of at Tioga.
All in favor.
Motion passes.

H.O.T. Meeting Times
It is better to have a meeting at 3pm because it does not disrupt a class time. Historically the meetings were always at 3pm. Dandee P. is not comfortable to change it back to noon and interrupting a class period time. We should have the meetings at 2:45. Dandee P. states that this is not up for discussion and motions cannot be made.

Ceramics Critical Theory Discussion
This would include reading chapters from critical theory books. Dandee P.would like to meet once a month and discuss the readings. Dandee P. would like H.O.T. clay support but it is as a peer group. This would support Dandee’s independent study class.
Jocelyn motions to make this part of H.O.T. Clay.
Nicole seconds the motion.
All in favor.
The motion passes and there will be critical theory as part of H.O.T. clay.
Div C. will write something to send out on the list serv about this new discussion club.
Provided by ADR


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