>December 10th Meeting Minutes

>H.O.T. Clay
December 10, 2010
17 members attended

Kiln Room Cleanup
We will be cleaning the H.O.T. clay area of the kiln room due to the aftermath of the sale. We need to look through the boxes to get back all work to each individual.

Art Bash Lights
We had yellow lights that Chris Picket bought for the sale. We need the lights for the artbash sales
Galen O. motions that we buy them
Marah G.Seconds
All in favor
We buy the lights from Chris Picket

Jon Burns resigns from Treasurer
We need to vote on who will be treasurer
Marah G. is nominated by Autumn H.
All in favor
Marah G. is our new Treasurer

Anna C. got a grant from the office of research for the NCECA pre-conference for $1500. We will talk about this more at the beginning of next semester.

5 dollars for shirt for the unisex shirt .75 more for shirts for each sex. We need to decide which shirt we would get.
We should double the price for profit.
We need to vote on who wants male/ female.
Galen O. motions that we vote to choose male and female.
7 in favor
9 opposed
We will get unisex shirts

T-shirts will be ready early next semester.
Email Jon B.if you want to be on the t-shirt committee.
They will print 51 t-shirts, H.O.T. members get one free and we would sell the rest for $15.

Dandee P. makes a motion that we make 75 shirts instead of 51.
All in favor, we will print 75 shirts.

Holiday Parties
Nan’s house this Sunday. There is a map on the H.O.T. bulletin board.
Alagarto party Saturday at Wauberg from 12 to 2.

H.O.T. Sale
We grossed $3,654. $1,956 in clays account.

Provided by ADR


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