>November 12th Minutes

>H.O.T. Clay
November 12, 2010
15 members attended

Visiting Artist
Christyl Boger was supposed to come in the fall but would like to possibly switch to the spring.
Jeni H. motions that we move the potter to the fall for 2012 and we vote that Christyl comes in the spring
Kaitlyn B.seconds the motion
9 for
1 abstained
Christyl Boger will be reinvited for the spring

We need to decide which potter will come in the fall if Christyl can definitely come in the spring. Please gather 3-5 slides of your desired potter’s images and email them to dpattee@gmail.com, we will review them on December 10th
Charlie C. motions that we wait to hear from Christyl to see if she will come
Chloe R. seconds the motion
Vote is unanimous we will table this

Pizza Party
November 21st at 3:00
Linday Rogers presenting on the Energy Exchange
Jocelyn Howard presenting on Penland
Jon Burns

H.O.T. Sale Inventory
Please label your pieces correctly and fill out the inventory sheets
All pieces sold will be highlighted on the inventory sheets.


Please bring bags and newspaper.

Distribute the posters and hang them everywhere!

Thursday we will meet in the throwing lab at 7:30 am and we will need a truck. On Friday we will need the truck at the Reitz union to take down and bring it to FAC to start setting up for Art Bash which starts at 6:00

Deadline December 1st for the Currents show and you do not need to pay the entrance fee if you are a member of H.O.T. Clay.

At the sale when something is sold the artist will get half of the money and H.O.T. clay will get the other half.

Discussion of how to set up the inventory sheet.

Provided by ADR


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