>October 22nd Meeting Minutes

>H.O.T. Clay
October 22, 2010
17 members attended

Make-A-Thon & Pizza Party on Sunday
Make-a-thon will be from 10am-5pm, please bring snacks and music. We may have a competition. At 3pm Forrest G. and Charlie C. will be giving demonstrations.

Vote on:
Holiday Party 12/11 with Alagarto at Lake Wauberg
We will be having our annual holiday party at Nan’s house and this would be on top of that.
On December 11th Alagarto has invited us to have a holiday party with them at Lake Wauberg along with GRADAA, and ArtEd club. Alagarto is the print making club on campus and they got in touch with Dandee P. This event would be a potluck. There will be a gift exchange of old art books.
Dandee P. motions that we vote on whether or not we will attend this.
Marah G. seconds the motion.
All in favor
We will have a holiday party at lake wauberg

nov 1st nceca volunteering
If you volunteer and they pick you, your fee gets waived and you receive a free year of membership. Autumn H. did it last year if you have any questions.

Mug Shots Mugs
Dandee P. will be emailing again about the next meeting, the next meeting will be on Sunday. It will be during the make-a-thon. Please make 5-10 mugs if you can.
There is event funding available to student organizations, since we are having the preconference we asked for event funding. We were approved for $500 for pedestals. We need to vote on whether we should take it. We will still be able to get funding for NCECA and such, this will not effect our other finances.
Dandee P. motions that we vote if we accept the money
Autumn H. seconds the motion
All in favor, we now have $500 for pedestals

Trey Hill
He will be here November 3rd and 4th
People should get in groups and help hang up posters.
We will be having crits on the 4th with Trey Hill, there will be a sign up sheet for this. H.O.T. clay members will get first priority. Depending on how many people sign up will determine the time constraints.

Kiln Room Fridge
Possibly a hot clay member could ask around for a refrigerator. Jeffery has posted an ad on Craig’s list to procure a new fridge. Marah G. will look through the ads on Craig’s list. Jocelyn H. will also be on the lookout for a refrigerator. We are in dire need for the new fridge. H.O.T. needs to decide if we will pay for a fridge and Linda A. has recommended that H.O.T. does pay for the fridge. If anyone finds a free fridge we will move on it before we decide to buy one.
Dandee P. motions that we will do an official vote on whether we will pay $200 on a fridge.
Autumn H. seconds the motion
All in favor, we will use $200 towards a fridge if necessary

T-Shirt vote
Once we determine which one we want we will determine a color. Autumn H. proposes that the artist will determine the color of the shirt. The artist will get to choose the color. Autumn wins the contest, we will be making her shirt. We will be having a black shirt with Autumn’s design on it. Lauren F. will bring information on the type of shirt, cost, and color choices. Between 30 and 50 shirts it will be about $7 each according to Chloe R.

Creating Meaning ( NCECA pre-conference)
Eric and Nicole would like people to sign up to assist in set-up, take-down, and assisting an artist. We may need help in preparation. There will be 3 artists. It is the 28th of March. The sign-up sheet will be on the H.O.T. bulletin board incase you need more time to figure out if you can help. All H.O.T. clay members will get to attend the preconference for free. The normal cost is about $130. The money that we receive will pay for food for the reception. Nicole makes a motion to give the money to Kathy and the remainder $200 for the whole preconference publicity budget. Discussion. Nicole motions that if it is technically possible that it is a yes or no. Dandee P. suggests we research the technical before we vote.
Provided by ADR


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