>October 13th Meeting Minutes

>H.O.T. Clay
October 13, 2010
24 members attended

Hot clay locker
There are tools available for your use in the hot clay locker such as screw drivers, hammers, a dremel, drill, and gram scale. You can receive a key to the locker from a grad student.

In Linda’s office attached to the student computer is a printer for your use. It will also do laser decal printing and the paper for this can be purchased from Ray. We have photography equipment that can be checked out for your use. There is paper that can be set up in the handbuilding room for photography. Please announce when you will be shooting so that others can work with you. We will have a sign up sheet for taking photos before the scholarship application is due.

The sign-up sheet for the Trey Hill workshop still has open spots. Please sign up for more than one shift if possible.

Lindsay R. is looking for people who would like to wood fire with her in the wood kiln. If you are interested in learning about this and firing please sign up for “labor days” and you will be able to fire with Lindsay R. in the wood firing. Nan’s clay body will fire to cone 10 if you would like to use that clay as well. If you solely want to learn about this but not be in the firing you may watch and learn. Tomorrow October 14th is a work day between 8am and 1pm we will be hauling logs to campus for this firing. You must sign a liability form if you wish to go tomorrow.

Pizza Party
Next Sunday Pizza Party is October 24th, 3:00 our presenters are Charlie Cummings & Forrest Gard
If you feel you would like to pitch in a few dollars for pizza that would be great. We will be getting cheaper pizza. Charlie C. will be demonstrating lithography transfer on ceramics. Forrest G. will be talking about his work and the performance aspect to his work. If you are interested in signing up to present please e-mail Dandee P. It is a good opportunity to have a practice run at a workshop.

Next Meeting
Our next meeting will be October 22nd because of the critical santa fe and the arrowmont sculpture symposium. An email reminder will be sent out

Pedestal Check Out
The check out folder is kept in a compartment on the crit space door. Please return the pedestals painted. Please make yourself familiar with this book so that you can help check pedestals out to other students who are not members of hot clay. The pedestal numbers are up inside the pedestals. The numbers are our pedestals and the ones with letters are to check out to other students in other departments. We must make sure that they are painted when they are returned. We provide the bulk of the pedestals to the rest of the school. We offer a great service due to the hard work of our members.

T-Shirt Design Contest
This is coming up, please email to jburns@ufl.edu .The designs are due on October 22nd. Design vote on the 29th.

Provided by ADR


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