>October 1st Meeting Minutes

>H.O.T. Clay
October 1, 2010
20 members attended

Mug Shots is voluntary please sign up if you would like to help
It is mandatory as a H.O.T. Clay Member to help with the visiting artist workshop and packing for the Drew Johnson Benefit. Please sign up

Pizza Parties
The Sunday pizza party was a success and the date of the next one will be announced soon. Pizza was much more expensive than anticipated; we need to find another option. A different pizza place or a pot luck would be our alternative. It is decided that next time we will have pizza from another place and if you would like to donate some money that would be great.

Funds for Travel to Critical Santa Fe and Sculpture Symposium
We will not be getting any money for travel for Critical Santa Fe or Sculpture Symposium due to no funding from the board of college council.

Fall 2011 Visiting Artist
Many artists book a year in advance which is why we will vote now for next year
Christyl Boger
Chris Antemann nominated by Donna F.
Mikey Walsh- nominated by Donna F.
Max Lehman-nominated by Donna F.
Kensuke Yamada
Rebekah Bogard-nominated by Dandee P.
David Furman
We will vote twice narrow it down and then have one vote.
Christyl Boger, Rebekah Bogard, and Mikey Walsh were voted in that order.
Galen O. motions that we keep the order we have and not vote again
Charlie C. Seconds the motion
18 for
2 opposed
Motion Passes, we will keep the order that we have
Christal Boger is first choice Jenni H. will be the liason and would like someone else to help her
Rebekah Bogard is runner up and Dandee P. will be the liason
Mikey Walsh was third choice and Donna F. will be the liason
Christal Boger will be contacted and if she accepts she will be our fall 2011 visiting artist.

Charlie C. demonstrates how to pack for the shipping of the Drew Johnson website
Directions to Charlie’s Studio will be sent in an e-mail

Provided by AR


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