>September 17th Meeting Minutes

>H.O.T. Clay

September 17, 2010

29 members attended


Vote on funding for Alumni Reunion $250 will be matched by SAAH

We need to vote on whether H.O.T. will donate $250 for the Alumni Reunion for NCECA at the opening for the show at Studio 620

Galen O. motions to put $250 towards the opening at 620
Jon B. seconds the motion
All in favor vote is unanimous
H.O.T. will donate $250

Constitutional Amendment
Galen O. motions that we vote to approve the amendment
Lauren F. seconds the motion
Vote unanimous
Amendment passes

Visiting Artist Fall 2011

In the past we ran against scheduling conflicts for the visiting artist
We will be voting next meeting for the fall 2011 visiting artists
Please e-mail Galen O. with your images and name of artist for nominations
Please come to the meeting and support your chosen artist
We will have a sculptor in the fall and a potter in the spring
People who will not be here next year are able to nominate an artist and we will have a volunteer for the liaison

T-Shirt for the Masses Project

Courtney C. has put together a flier for the project, if you would like to help her hang them please see her.

We will vote on t-shirt designs on October 22

Chloe R. volunteers to find a company to make the t-shirts
Galen O. will also contact someone about making the t-shirts

Please email designs to Jon B. at jburns@ufl.edu a few days before the 22nd, but a week prior would be nice.

Lake Wauburg
Tomorrow we will be meeting at noon at Lake Wauburg
Please bring a student ID to get in and bring something to share
H.O.T. will bring the meat and buns

Where we are with the Special Request for Funding for Critical Santa Fe & the Sculpture Symposium

We need a month minimum for the special requests for funding
We can meet for 15 minutes tomorrow at the Lake Wauburg event for those of you whom are interested in going
We will be talking to the president of the fine arts college council on Monday
This is not promised funding but we are working hard to get it

Talk about “The Project”

We have an idea for a publicity campaign titled “Mug Shots”

We will each make 10 mugs and distribute them around campus, each person will get to keep the mug and they will take a picture of themselves using our mugs and post them to our facebook page

We will use the images that they take to advertise the sale and we will gain increased traffic to our facebook page and increased awareness for our club
We need a committee to help with this project, the committee will meet separately from the H.O.T. clay meetings

A signup sheet will be on the H.O.T. clay board to be on this committee

You can make less than 10 mugs, anything will be great

Galen O. is working on getting a grant for this project

The grant is for $15,000

If we get the grant we could use it for the mugs themselves

This year we did not get any money for NCECA
Fortunately this year NCECA is in Tampa, we feel that this publicity campaign will help us gain exposure for our sales so that we can gain money in the use for NCECA

Pizza party

Next Sunday is our first pizza party
Donna F. and Dandee P. will be doing presentations
The pizza party is at 3:00
If anyone else wants to present on the 26th please e-mail Dandee P.
The idea for the pizza parties is to gain knowledge and ideas about ceramic activities

Please sign up for helping out with the visiting artist workshop

Dates for packing workshop October 1st after HOT meeting
Charlie will give a demonstration right after this meeting on the first

Nan has been sharing that we will be a big part of the NCECA pre-conference

There may be a rental bus to take students to Art Basil at the end of December

The annual student juried show is trying to be moved to January

Lindsay R. has been trying to do research to find some wood, please contact her at lrogers@ufl.edu if you would like to do some woodfiring in exchange for some wood or help scraping shelves.


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