>July 24, 2010 Meeting Minutes

>H.O.T. Clay
July 24, 2010
10 members attended

Galen heads the meeting in Dandee’s absence. This meeting we will need a decision for visiting artists that will be brought in for the fall and spring. There have been issues of scheduling conflicts and no artists have confirmed any dates. We need 3 alternatives for fall and spring, a potter for spring and a sculptor for fall. Potter will most likely be alumni.

Sarah T. volunteers to be the liaison for Stephanie Lanter.

Jon B. suggests that that we may be breaking H.O.T. rules by re-voting completely rather than going with the runner up from a previous meeting.

Discussion of previous meetings and why we are starting over in voting for visiting artists

Galen O. volunteers to be Malcom Mobotu Smith’s liason

Potter and sculptor were switched semesters from what was previously decided upon. Discussion of why we need to re-vote.

Sarah T. motions to bring in Stephanie Lanter in the fall. Sarah withdraws her motion.

Charlie C. motions to bring in a sculptor in the fall and we vote on that today
Marah G. seconds the motion
Vote is unanimous

Images of nominated artists shown:
Malcom Mobotu Smith
Stephanie Lanter
Discussion of these artists and their potential

Discussion of why we have a visiting artist and all the reasons for doing so such as graduate school and contacts.

Kristin S. Nominates Shay Church
Galen O. volunteers to be the liaison for Shay Church.
Discussion of scale of work and the availability of space if he were to be our visiting artist

Galen O. volunteers to be the liaison for Tyler Lotz. Images Shown.

Sarah T. volunteers to be the liaison for Trey Hill. Images Shown.

Charlie C. motions to close nominations.
Galen O. seconds the motion
Vote is unanimous.

Malcom M. Smith- Nominated by Galen O.
Stephanie Lanter- Nominated by Sarah T.
Shay Church- Nominated by Kristin S.
Trey Hill- Nominated by Sarah T.
Tyler Lotz-Nominated by Galen O.

Jon B. Suggests two votes. We decide on only one vote.
Jon B makes a motion to vote twice
Kristin seconds the motion
Vote is unanimous
We vote twice

Malcom M. Smith- 5 votes
Stephanie Lanter-1 vote
Shay Church- 3 votes
Trey Hill- 7 votes
Tyler Lotz-4 votes

Kristin makes a motion to re-vote on the top three and everyone gets one vote
Galen O. seconds the motion
Vote: 9 For, 1 Opposed

Malcom M. Smith- 3 votes
Trey Hill-6 votes
Tyler Lotz- 1 vote

Trey Hill will be our visiting artist and Malcom M. Smith will be the runner up in the case of Trey Hill declining. In the case of Trey Hill declining Tyler Lotz will be contacted.

We should have the artist here September or October on a Thursday and a Friday. The group offers $1500 and we do not cover travel.

Charlie states that in the past if all artists declined we have cancelled the visiting artist for that semester.

Galen O. Motions to table the potters for spring until the next meeting
Jon B. seconds the motion
Vote is unanimous

Galen O. states that we are thinking about doing t shirt designs, and an official hot clay cup for the pottery sales. We have ideas to do new things in an attempt to bring in more revenue. Sarah T. suggests having a cup or mug sale with a free coffee or tea drink in their new cup. It was suggested that we have 50 cups at ten dollars a piece. Is there a rule that you cannot serve food? You cannot sell anything that is not prepared in a commercial kitchen.

Jon suggests that all the members have a shirt that promotes the club and there is a contest of the design. Everyone would wear the shirts out on outings and it will promote our club. The mission says that we promote hot clay in the community. Charlie C. suggests to discuss this at the next meeting.

Meeting ends at 12:00

Provided by ADR


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