>April 23rd Meeting Minutes

>Spring 2010 Final H.O.T. Clay Meeting
April 23rd 2010

22 people in attendance


Club and meeting protocol:
Email an officer if things need to be brought to attention or if you desire to add something to the agenda. Discussions on how issues will be addressed were mentioned. The club is to follow “Roberts” rule.
Charlie C. proposes that we follow this protocol
Hannah P. Seconds
Vote is Unanimous

Discussion about NCECA:
Is going to the city the conference in equivalent to attending the conference?
Is sneaking into the conference a moral rational to provide less money in reimbursement?

Members voiced their concern.

Patrick C. motions that we follow the previously agreed upon format of evenly distributed funds for people who went to NCECA and sat the table. He also motions that we move the discussion about fund distribution to the first meeting of next year.
Ben C. Seconds

Discussion about certain stipulations continued.

Charlie C. outlined that people knew ahead of time that if you went to the conference but did not sit the table you would not receive the same amount of money. The other component is a moral issue of sneaking into the conference.
Vote is 12 for the motion and 6 against. Motion passes.

Visiting Artist:
Crystal Boger declined the invite but the invitation has been extended to Christa Assad

Potential dates: September or October
Charlie C. motions that we try to get the artist for these dates.
Eric L. seconds
Vote is Unanimous

Spring workshop/preconference:
An alum of UF has been suggested for the Spring semester, discussion about who and when followed.
Galen O. motions that whoever is present over summer meets and has a discussion about whether the visiting artist is alum of UF and if that counts as a H.O.T. clay visiting artist. Meeting/discussion will be tabled for over the summer.
Jon B. seconds
Vote is Unanimous

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