>H.O.T. Clay: March 19th 2010 Meeting Minutes

>H.O.T. Clay
March 19, 2010

18 members attended

2010/2011 Officer Elections:
Charlie Cummins discussed the procedures for nominating new officers. Group
-Pat C. nominates Dandee Pattee for President
Sarah M. seconds
-Vice President: Galen Olmsted nominates himself for vice.
Dandee Pattee seconds
-Treasure: Jon Burns
Jon Burns seconds
-Secretary: Ashley Roberts nominated by Rachel S.
Dandee Pattee seconds
Motions are closed and Brian W. motions that this is the elected officials.
Rachel S. seconds

Linda has received a grant to partially cover the NCECA reunion but has asked for $250.00 to help cover expenses.
Chris P. Motions
Dandee P. seconds
Vote is unanimous

Visiting Artist Proposals:
Funding for preconference and visiting artist proposal times need to run in conjunction to maximize the output of the elected artist.
Preconference discussion and ideas were brainstormed. Ideas to put both artist in the Fall because of NCECA Tampa or having it run in conjunction with the preconference to add interest to the program.a
Chris P. motions that we narrow the list down to 3 from each category.
Jon B. seconds
Vote is unanimous
-Peter Beasecker: proposed by Charlie C.
-Antoinette Badenhorst: proposed by Hannah P.
-Christa Assad: proposed by Dandee P.
-Allison McGowan: proposed by Dandee P.
-Ayumi Horie: proposed by Dandee P.
-Marc Digerous: proposed by Ray G.
-Beth lo: proposed by Ray G.
-Andy shaw: proposed by Ray G.
-Joe Pintz: proposed by Ray G.
——-Christa Assad was selected, and Marc Digerous was the runner up.
-Malcolm Mobutu Smith: proposed by Galen O.
-Tyler Lotz: proposed by Galen O.
-Kelley Garrett Rathbone: proposed by Brian W.
-Christina Cordova: proposed by Brian W.
-Christyl Boger: proposed by Jon B.
-Stephanie Lanter: proposed by Ray G.
-Rebekah Bogard: proposed by Ray G.
——-Christyl Boger was selected, and Stephanie Lanter was the runner up.
Charlie C. will talk to Linda and Nan to see what they suggest as far as when and who.

Meeting finished.
Provided by bpw


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