>H.O.T. Clay February 19th, 2010

>H.O.T. Clay
February 19th, 2010
15 members attended

Treasures’ report
NCECA money- $4000.00 outside revenue
Student Government will supply $2475.00
Around $250-280 per person for members of H.O.T. Clay

Visiting artist proposals March 19th
Supply Brian W. with a powerpoint format with a few images, artist statement, and resume

Elections March 19th
Officer duties were stated by the current officers

Tabled money for BFA/Postbac reception
Should 150.00 be supplied for the cards/posters
It was suggested that the money (if supplied) be divided up amongst the BFA/Postbac so they can create the cards. But in reverse, each only gets a slight amount. Chandra suggested that the money be provided each year if this is to continue. Linda suggested that with the contributions that the BFA/Postbac’s make warrant money from H.O.T. Clay. Sarah M. made a recommendation that we do have enough money.
Pat C. votes that we provide the money.
Jon B. seconds
Vote is unanimous

PACE – looking for a new venue
Plates have all been decorated and loaded this morning. People need to unload on Sunday and it is in Kilns 3 and 8. Pat will take care of Kiln 12. Needs to be unloaded before 2pm and put on PACE cart.
Charlie C. is searching for other venues and fundraiser opportunities. Randy Batista has been contacted already is would be a great asset to the sale.
Money from the sale has been suggested to help Drew J. medical bills. Pat C. spearheaded the idea.
Pat C. motions that the money we make goes to Drew J.
Ashley N. seconds
Discussion of PACE experience and benefits
Vote is unanimous

Currents – Catalogue and Poster
Designer Robert has provided us with an example of the nearly finished catalogue.
Sarah M. stated that we have $600.00 for the catalogue and not the initial amount that was thought we had budgeted.
The main office will have to approve the catalogue
We have $320.00 in the budget for NCECA posters
We have already committed to make the catalogue for NCECA
Hannah motions that we use that design
Jon B. seconds
Vote is unanimous

Freebies – pencils were given away last year and were .11 cents each and went over well.
Postcards and posters

Tioga organization
Chris P. has the signup sheet and all the duties that need to be filled for the sale.
Discussion of what to do with the work at the end of the day
Meeting will be at the school at 2pm next Friday at the school. All work needs to be labeled, boxed and ready to ship.
Donations for the raffle
Linda said that she could donate.
Brian suggests that we use the raffle money to support Drew J.
Hannah P. motions that we do support Drew J. with the raffle funds.
Dandee P. seconds
Vote is unanimous
Money that is being collected for the funds will need to be catalogued in the sale book so that funds can appropriately go to Drew J.
Raffle items should be boxed and labeled prior to giving to Brian W.
Brian W. will write up the rules for the raffle (i.e. pricing, information needed, etc.)
Pat C. suggests we actively pursue the consumer to sell the raffle
Ben C. motions that we raise the price to $2.00 per ticket or 6 tickets for $10.00
Jon B. Seconds
Vote is unanimous

Provided by bpw


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