>Hey guys, Just a friendly reminder that we will be having our second PACE plate make-a-thon on Saturday February 5th from 12-4pm. We need to make at least 50 plates to meet our 100 plate quota.

If you did not participate in the first make-a-thon, please make an active effort to attend the second one. It would also be wonderful if those who attended the first one helped out at the second one to make things go quickly and smoothly.

There are also a few things we need to do to prepare the plates for glazing. Rachel signed out kiln 12 to bisque the plates with underglazes. There will be a sign-up sheet on the H.O.T Clay bulletin board to sign up for the following:

1. Apply clear glaze to plates from our recent decoration day.
2. Load, fire, and unload kiln.
3. Clean and pack finished plates.
4. Reclaim clay for next Make-A-Thon. We will need at least 250 pounds.
(This should be done soon so the clay has time to age)
5. We need someone (preferably a grad student) to be in charge of the make-a-thon.
(Ben will not be participating this time)
6. We need someone to make sure the plates are coated with slip.
7. We need someone to load the bisque, fire the kiln, and unload the kiln.
8. We need people to help the girls decorate the plates.
(The advanced class did the first make-a-thon and it would be nice if others could help at the next one)
9. Apply clear glaze to the plates.
10. Load, fire, and unload glaze kiln.
11. Clean and pack finished plates.

Thanks for all your hard work, it is really paying off. The first make-a-thon went really well and the girls had a wonderful time decorating the plates.

Sorry for the long email, and I’ll see you all tomorrow at the Kathryn Finnerty workshop.

-Ashley Neukamm


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