>January 15th meeting minutes

>Spring 2010 Initial H.O.T. Clay Meeting
January 15th, 2010
17 people in attendance

Charlie C. addressed the Nan’s office key issue, long story short- don’t tape the door open.

Make a thon made about 50 plates and thank you to all who helped.
Plates will be loaded by Dandee P. and another helper after the meeting
Majolica or underglaze will be used. If underglaze the club needs to order. Discussion followed about whether to
Friday, Jan. 22 PACE girls will be here to decorate the plates
Hannah P. motions for 10:15am
Meagan C. seconds
Vote is unanimous
Ben C. motions that we buy underglaze to go with the clear glaze. Four colors plus black will be used.
Rachel S. seconds
Vote is unanimous
Ashley N. will order the underglazes.

Insurance report: Hannah P. discussed the deductible and cost to the university gallery.
Prize money amounts: Hannah P. motions that 200.00 for best of show and 100.00 for each of juries choice.
Sarah M. seconds
Vote is unanimous
Decide on a designer for the catalog and poster: Charlie C. motions that we hire Robert to design the catalogue for Currents.
Rachel S. seconds
Vote is unanimous
Charlie C. asked to have some folks help guide Robert with the design
Still spots to be filled for gallery sitting. (2)

Dinner with John Byrd: 4:30pm at the Swamp. All are welcome to attend.

Kathryn Finnerty Workshop
Sign up sheet for duties was passed around
Press release will be handled by Dandee and Chris and forwarded onto the listserv

Recycling addressed by Krisitn S.
Discussed what we could potentially do.
A dumpster will be installed outside the roll up door that will gather up fired works
Kristin S. and Dandee P. will call the university to make this happen.
Kristin S. would like help writing up a release to send to other schools and the university itself about the benefits of clay recycling to head towards sustainability.

Save all receipts!!!

Provided by: bpw


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