>H.O.T. Clay Meeting Minutes Oct 23 2009


PACE Presentation:

Non-residential program and schooling for at risk girls.

PACE is looking to generate programming with H.O.T. Clay during the school week where their students can interact with club members and take part in a creative process. The end result being a fund raiser for a capital campaign where objects made by club members and students of pace would be sold.

Hanna motions:

Ashley seconds:

To set up a luncheon fundraiser tentatively scheduled for mid March.

All H.O.T. Clay members will donate 5 unfired bowls/plates to be decorated by the PACE students who will come to the studio to decorate. All clay will be provided to the members.


19 yea

1 abstain

Hannah will be in charge of scheduling a make-a-than for the event

Brittany and Ashley will act as co-liaisons to the PACE staff in determining all logistical and scheduling needs.

Ben Has agreed to help members who are not potters to make hand built plates/bowls.

Hanna, Ashley, Brittany and Charlie will come up with a time line for scheduling the making and firing of work, when girls will come to paint and the luncheon date.

New Crit Space Photo Paper

An interest was expressed to install a smaller roll of gray photo paper in the crit space

Other needed photo materials

Smaller roll of thunder gray

Roll of frosted acetate

Replacement bulbs

Need for proper training of equipment and use of materials.

Tabled for next meeting

Gainesville Fine Arts Association

A presentation about the 2010 Tioga arts fair will take place next meeting Nov. 6th.

The club has been offered to have a booth at the sale, where booth fee is waived, all participating in the sale will play $15 student membership fee.

Tabled for next meeting.

Sale Sandwich Board

The Sale advert board is in need of repair and repainting,

needs to be finished by the date of the sale

Galen, Ashley, Hanna and Dandee have volunteered to repaint the sign.


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