>Fall 2009 Initial H.O.T. Clay Meeting

>Fall 2009 Initial H.O.T. Clay Meeting
27 people in attendance
Introductions of Officers and New Members

-All students and Faculty did introductions and emails were collected.

-Charlie then explained the general meeting agenda
A topic is tabled for the meeting, mentioned, then a motion on this topic is stated, and a discussion follows. A vote is then placed on its continuing possibilities in our organization.

-Hannah Pate discussed the Currents Show
Jurors are Linda Arbuckle and John Byrd
Submissions due October 24, and show is held in January
All should apply; fee is for non hot clay members, a 25.00 fee for non members
John Byrd juror fee of 400.00 estimates

-Sarah Marraffino provided a financial update
Summer Sale made nearly 1000.00 dollars
Budget: SGA gave us 1200.00
Currents Exhibition 1400.00
NCECA: Nearly 900.00 or about 9 people can be funded
NCECA booth 320.00
And over 5k in outside revenue

-Charlie stated that Anna Holcombe is available to present on behalf of Scotland artist opportunities.

-We can have a hot clay website to privatize our discussions and information

-Procedural change of purchasing for hot clay is you have to go to student gov. to be reimbursed instead of handing them to the treasure
Travel reimbursement is under of the following procedural steps

-Gator nights at the Reitz union offers social interaction, and we can help run the program and if 8 people do a “shift” you can get a food scholarship of 50.00 if 8 do a second shift we can get 100.00 and this would be for visiting artist food and exhibition

-Charlie discusses previously tabled business, Hannah discusses Juror John Byrd
How much should we pay John Byrd?
Estimated 400, with or without workshop exchange, but he will do a slide talk regardless
He is a juror, has a piece in the show, slide talk, and maybe demonstration of techniques
Linda suggest splitting the exhibition and workshop so deliberations are easier
Kristen suggest a special request to generate more money possibly
Sarah states that the money is locked up under certain categories. May not be allocated easily but two jurors are listed and all the money could go to one juror since Linda is doing this pro bono
Nan explains the logistics that we pay for all of John Byrd’s time, including food, gas, etc.
*Pat moves we pay the 400 form the budget, and ask for a special request to receive more money to pay for his travel, gas, food, etc.
*Ashley Neukamm seconds the motion
Kristen proposes the idea to get a studio visit
Chandra seconds that injunction
Charlie states “all in favor of 400 for juror, split the lecture and workshop and ask for studio visits
*Vote is placed, and passes as unanimous

-Charlie asks if we have a motion to pay him for workshop and studio visits
*Pat moves that special request doesn’t happen we should pay him 200 from our account
*Meagan Chaney seconds the motion
*VOTE is placed, and passes, one abstained

-Linda discussed PACE
Possible do a fund raising project with PACE such as an Empty Bowls project
PACE is an organization for at risk girls
Collaborate with PACE girls to make ceramic objects which would promote the hot clay program and a great experience for the PACE girls. And expands our audience
Are we interested in discussing this with PACE? A make-a-thon perhaps..
Anna is checking on insurance issues
*Charlie motions that we have PACE come give a presentation
*Meredith seconds the motion
*Vote is placed, and passes as unanimous

-Pat wants to make a special request to purchase a new smaller slab roller
Pat will get more information about purchasing and discuss it with Nan

-Chandra mentions if we should have a one day sale after the currents show.
Should there be a curatorial process for the sale?
Should it go with the opening or a closing sale? Linda suggests that timing is essential and perhaps could be teamed with a football day or other event.
Nan states it’s near Valentine’s Day and could be themed

-H.O.T. clay sale is November 12-13

-Anne drew potter is 19-20

-H.O.T. clay sale history was stated by Nan smith and Linda
Pubic presence that does us a lot of good, a model for other organizations, and develops business practice for proactive students

-Meeting next Friday at 3pm and will continue to be the meeting time until we decide as a group

-Door prizes are awarded and members rejoice.

Provided by Brian Weaver


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