>Final Meeting Minutes for Spring 2009

>H.O.T. Clay
May 06, 2009
Regular Meeting

Kristen distributed the checks for reimbursement of NCECA funds and all in attendance signed off that they received the checks. Chandra Debuse collected for Elliot Marquet, and Brian Weaver also collected on behalf of Alan Schulte.
Kristen stated that we still have 1011.37 to spend on programs and 1194.76 to spend on supplies.

Visiting Artist:
Misty Gamble has been selected to be a visiting artist at the end of May. Chandra Debuse motions that we bring her in on May 29th and 30th, 2009. Hannah Pate seconds. The group votes unanimously that we bring her in. Hannah Pate motions that we give all of the money allocated for programs to Misty Gamble and Pat Coughlin seconds this motion. The group votes unanimously that we distribute all the funds to Misty Gamble for the 2 day workshop. A press release for Misty Gamble will be done by Chandra Debuse. T.J. Erdahl motions that we have a lecture and demonstration each day of her workshop. Steph Stuefer seconds the motion. The group votes almost unanimously that this is to be the format. One vote is abstained.

Kristen stated that a second digital projector and a lockable cart be purchased with the supply funds. The projector would be 750.00-800.00, and the cart would be nearly 200.00 dollars. We would then spend the remaining 200.00 at Lowes/Home Depot purchasing supplies such as 5 gallons of paint, Spackle, lights, etc. Charlie Cummings will give an itemized list to Hannah Pate for purchasing said items. Brian Weaver motions that we purchase the aforementioned items, and Chris Pickett seconds. The group votes unanimously that this occurs. A SAR report has already been put through for the purchasing of a decal printer as well.

Visiting Artist Films:
T.J. Erdahl motions that we convert all the visiting artist tapes to digital files (DVD) to make them relevant in modern society. The group discusses various possibilities, but no solution is found. This will be tabled until the next meeting.

Ben Carter discusses the idea of giving away free shirts to all the members of the club to help promote the program and utilize us humans as walking advertising. Pat Coughlin seconds the motion, and the group votes unanimously that this occurs.

Currents Show:
John Byrd has been voted as the Currents show juror for the upcoming year. A discussion was tabled for next meeting involving whether we should allocate funds for his time, do a professional trade, ask for a slide lecture in conjunction, have his work also during the exhibition.

Minutes provided by: Brian P. Weaver


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