>H.O.T. Clay
April 17th 2009
Regular meeting

Currents: Contemporary Ceramics

The show is scheduled to run from January 11-29
The Club has agreed it will be a national show with two jurors.
Entry fee is $20.00 & free to current H.O.T. Clay members.

Hannah will research and contact alternative gallery spaces:
Thomas Center
Media Image Gallery

*If the exhibition takes place in Focus Gallery, the work will not be able to be insured.
Possible solutions:
Pay for security
Work study Student Docent
H.O.T. Clay Members sit gallery shifts
Find alternative locations that will insure the work

Any solution that involves using the Focus Gallery will have to be finalized with Amy Vigilante, the University of Florida’s Gallery director.

A pedestal upkeep committee will meet over the summer to repair and finalize storage for club pedestals. Anyone remaining here in the summer please contact Ben Carter to sign up for this committee.

Regardless of who uses the pedestals, all pedestals must be returned to a white base.
Seniors, Post-baccs and Certificate students must repaint the pedestals that have been used for “ceramic Six Pack” exhibition white before they return them to the kiln room.

Focus Gallery, Dean’s Office Display Cases: summer 2009
Smaller works that can fit in the vitrines in the main hallway outside of the dean’s office are in need of work to be displayed.

Focus Gallery will be empty for a large part of the summer, H.O.T. Clay would like to propose a show exhibiting member work for this time. Chandra DeBuse has agreed to contact Amy Vigilante about setting this exhibition up.

H.O.T. Clay Sale Postponed
The spring 2009 sale has been postponed to the summer and will take place on one of the preview dates at the Reitz Union.
Ashley, Hannah, Sarah M will research the best possible dates for the preview sale.

Fall 2009 sale is tentatively scheduled for Nov 11, 12, 13

Visiting Artists 2009-2010 school year
Anne Drew Potter is scheduled to come in the fall
Kathryn Finnerty is scheduled to come in the spring

Brian is the contact person for Potter and Chris is the contact person for Finnerty.
Chris & Brian will contact the Harn to find out when the Museum night dates are, what the CFA and SA+AH schedules are and select possible dates that the artists will come for the club to vote on.
When a date is selected they will need to book the room in Reid hall right away.

Clay Reclaim
Hannah will send out an e-mail regarding the remaining reclaim and a schedule of when it will be reclaimed. After the last date the Pugger will need to be dismantled, cleaned out and reassembled.

End of the Year Brunch
The end of the year get-together will be at Anna Calluori Holcombe’s home. Festivities will begin at 11am and end at 2pm. Directions to Anna’s are located on the door outside of Linda’s door.


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