>Spring Sale Info and Sign Up

>The Spring Sale sign up sheet is posted on the H.O.T. Clay bulletin board. Everyone needs to sign up for 2 shifts and 1 set up and 1 take down shift. If you cannot meet these requirements, you need to find a friend to fill in for you.

The sale dates are Wednesday, April 15 and Thursday, April 16th. We are all meeting in the kiln room on Tuesday, April 14th at 5:30pm to take everything over to the Union. You must have your sale items boxed up and inventoried by 5pm on Tuesday.

This sale is coming up quickly! It is the week right after we get back from NCECA. The proceeds from this sale go to artists participating in the sale, H.O.T. Clay equipment, bringing visiting artists to UF, H.O.T. Clay shows and other ceramic shows, and NCECA funding. If you are benefitting from this sale or previous sales, you must help out. NCECA funding depends on you meeting the requirements for working shifts.


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