>March 27 Meeting Minutes

>HOT CLAY March 27

Clay Reclaim
If you have not been receiving e-mails about clay reclaim please contact “Hannah Pate” hannah930@gmail.com.
There is a full barrel of stoneware reclaim waiting to be recycled. Using the pugger will require it to be cleaned out. Reclaiming in a solder or bluebird mixer is recommended.

The sign up sheet for the booth needs to get filled out. There are still several open spaces. It is preferred that there be three people sitting at a time, two at the least. Everyone should be signing up for two shifts. The sign up is on the hot clay board.

Receipts: There is a folder for NCECA travel receipts on the hot clay board. It is extremely important that we get all receipts in that folder no later than the Tuesday after NCECA. If all needed receipts are turned in every HOT Clay Member attending NCECA will be receiving approximately $198.

Alumni Dinner
Currently the club has donated a matching fund from SA+AH of $250 to be used for the Alumni dinner. Due to the size of the group in attendance and booking costs the club will be supplementing an extra 100 dollars. Linda will be mailing location and time of dinner shortly.

Linda motions: That HOT CLAY donate a total of $350 to the Alumni Dinner.
Pat seconds

Vote: yes-unanimous.

Sale 15th & 16th of April
Press Release-Elliot
Tarp registration and editing- Ashley & Sarah M
Flyer- Sarah M
UF Billboard-Meredith
Power Point- Charlie
Face Book Group-Meredith

Publicity crew will meet Friday April 3rd at 4pm after Bai Ming’s demonstration.

FACC account spending

Kristin Motions:
Chris Seconds:
HOT Clay will use FACC allocated funding to purchase
3 new rolls of Photo Paper $45 a piece
1 tripod $40
Other photo equipment-power strip, extension cord, lights etc $100

Vote: yes-unanimous

Pat Motions:
Ben Seconds:
HOT Clay will purchase a new laser printer for the Student computer in Linda’s office. Maximum purchase allotment- $225

Vote: yes-unanimous

OSRV Account Spending
Kristin Motions:
V seconds:
To donate $100 dollars to the Senior Post-bacc Exhibition occurring April 17th 7-9 pm to be spent at University Catering.

Vote: yes-unanimous


Ben Nominates Charlie Cummings for President
Ashley Seconds Nomination

Pat Nominates Hannah Pate for Vice President
Sarah M seconds Nomination

Elliot Nominates Brian Weaver for Secretary
Chris Seconds the Nomination

Pat Nominates Sarah Marraffino for Treasurer
Meredith Seconds the Nomination

No other Nominations are made, candidates run unopposed.
All Candidates received a unanimous approval for candidacy.

HOT CLAY 2009-2010 Officers are:
President – Charlie Cummings
Vice President – Hannah Pate
Secretary – Brian Weaver
Treasurer – Sarah Marraffino


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