>HOT Clay Meeting minutes

>H.O.T. Clay Regular Meeting Feb 13th 2009 3pm

Clay Reclaim
New Plaster slabs are needed for the existing cart. The existing Plaster slabs are chipped, scratched and very worn down,
Dry Material Costs- The club will monitor the amount of dry material used to reclaim clay for the purpose of approximating annual cost or reclaimed clay. This approximation will decide the best course of action for the recoupment of material costs.

NCECA T-shirts
Thanks to Charlie and his assistant Ben for printing the prototype t-shirts.

Charlie needs volunteers to assist in printing over spring break, volunteers will get a free shirt for their time.

Brian’s design will be on a Carolina blue base with Navy blue ringer
Pat’s design is on a navy blue and white baseball-t
The club will purchase 24s, 26m, 27L, 20XL, 11XXL (figures are for both shirt designs)
$223- Ringer-t

Vote-yes, unanimous

NCECA Promo Materials
All Paper printing costs will be completely covered by our FACC budget (posters, Postcards, door hangers)

Other Promotional Items
Koozies- $125 for 100
Pencils- $ 125 for 500
$170 for 1000
Pens $220 for 500

If you have ideas for other items to purchase please research cost vs. amount ratio and report back next meeting.


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