>Jan 30th Meeting Minutes


H.O.T. Clay Meeting minutes 30th January

Currents 2010

Gallery Proposal due for next year by Thursday March 5th

Currents 2009

Take Down Feb 7th

Pedestal Inventory-

H.O.T. Clay Pedestals will now be signed out if used. All pedestals will be inventoried, anyone wanting to use the pedestals must sign out which pedestals they will use and fill out a liability waiver.

Ben will create the Liability waiver statement.

H.O.T. Clay Critique

7pm Hand Building room

20-25 minutes critiques

Clay Reclaim

No sale for clay reclaim. The club cannot accept funds for reclaimed clay.

We can accept donations or dues as a payment method to recoup material reclaim fee.

New Plaster reclaim tables are needed.

Meet with Linda about finding an appropriate space for reclaim tables.

NCECA Promotional Materials

Poster For grads

Undergrad postcard 7×10 with department information

NCECA early registration is February 13 3pm online or postmarked that day.

Alumni Dinner @ NCECA

Chandra motions

Pat seconds

To give $250.00 to be matched by the school for funding an Alumni Social.



Extra Cash Spending ideas

The club currently has an extra $500.00 from FACC that needs to be spent or we lose it. Please think of things that we need around the studio that H.O.T. Clay could donate.


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