>H.O.T. Clay Meeting Minutes


  • H.O.T. Clay meeting
    January 16, 2009 3pm Throwing Lab

    Currents Exhibition
  • January 23 Reception 7-9pm
  • Gallery preparation, painting pedestals committee-
    Chandra, Elliot, V, Sarah T
  • A signup sheet went around for people to monitor gallery during reception. Finished sheet will be posted soon.

    Empty Bowls
    Naomi, acting on behalf of IFAH (international Fine Arts & Healing) presented information regarding the Empty Bowls event the group is organizing. Empty Bowls is a fund raising event where participants donate money and receive a meal of bread and soup in a hand crafted bowl that they then get to keep.

  • The Empty Bowls event will be held either the 2nd or 4th of April.
    Proceeds will be donated to the Jubilee House of Gainesville
  • High-water Clay has donated 250 LBs of Stoneware for the event
  • February 14 @ 12:00pm H.O.T. Clay has agreed to host a Make-a-thon event and pot-luck on Valentine’s Day for members of H.O.T. Clay, IFAH and anyone else who wishes to donate bowls.
  • Finished Bowls need to be given to an IFAH representative on March 16th

    Visiting Artist

  • Jason Walker has confirmed his workshop dates of March 19 and 20th.
  • Chandra Motions to spend $150 on food (catered breakfast, drinks etc…) in the event that the catering grant is not accepted
  • Pat seconds
    Vote: yes- unanimous

    H.O.T. Clay Group Critiques
    The club will begin hosting a series of critique dates that will include Grads, Undergrads and Post-baccs. Anyone can sign up for a critique; each new critique date will have a new facilitator to lead discussion with the collective group of ceramic students.

  • January 31 @ 7pm H.O.T. Clay Critique event.
  • Facilitator- Charlie Cummings
  • Members to be critiqued: Elliot, Sarah T, Eric, Alex

    SA+AH Student Juried Exhibit
    The committee who organizes the student juried show is no longer receiving funding for its events from student govt. and is asking clubs to donate money for catering services.

  • Steph motions that H.O.T. Clay donates $25 dollars to the event.
    Chandra seconds
    Vote yes-unanimous

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