>Meeting Minutes. H.O.T. Clay Meeting December 5

>H.O.T. Clay MeetingDecember 5,
2008. 3pm throwing Lab

Currents Show
Approved Budget items:
$200- Juror Fees
$200- Prizes

Budget Items to be approved
$75 for a hotel room For Holly Hanessian for the opening reception night
$100 for Gallery Food
$240 for 250 8×11 poster (priced from PrintPlace.com)
$410 for Catalogue for Currents exhibition (8.5×5 inches with 12 pages, priced from printplace.com).
+/-$50 for fluctuation of pricing

Ben Motions
Gina Seconds
To approve all budget items except for the catalogue. Table the catalogue until a graphic designer is found who will create the catalogue design. The Club will spend $415 +/-$50 dollars on Hotel for Holly Hanessian, gallery food, and 250 posters.


The officers are currently researching the option of disbursing more funding for NCECA travel expenses. To do so, we need to know how many people will be attending NCECA to come up with a monetary amount that is viable and sustainable. If you plan on attending NCECA and are not currently on the list please get in touch with Pat.
People planning attending NCECA
1. Patrick Coughlin
2. Sarah Marriffino
3. Kelley Eggert
4. Robin Reif
5. Ben Carter
6. Chandra DeBuse
7. Charlie Cummings
8. Brian Weaver
9. Alan Schulte
10. Hannah Pate
11. Ashley Neukamin
12. Meridith Coen
13. Gina Aparicio
14. Sara Truman
15. Kristin Schimik
16. TJ Erdahl
17. Steph Stuefer
18. Elliot Marquet
19. Chris Pickett


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