>Cirque Des Arts call for works Due Dec 5

>Cirque des Arts is an upcoming juried student art exhibition including all majors in the College of Fine Arts. This is a chance to showcase whatever you do best in your field and a chance to experience the creative ventures of other disciplines in the College of Fine Arts.
The show itself will take place jan. 23-25 at Warphause, and will consist of visual art (2D/3D) and a performance of the top three submissions in dance, theater, and music respectively. The Cirque is meant to put the College of Fine Arts in dialogue with itself. To offer a chance for the painter to meet the electroacousitic composer, the choreographer to meet the sculptor, the actor to meet the art historian; it is a push towards the cohesion of the artists who study at UF.
This year also marks the first presentation of Co-Lab, a Fine Arts College Council interdisciplinary commissioning program. In addition to having their work presented at Cirque itself, the top artists selected in each field (visual art, dance, theater, art history, music composition) will be commissioned to work with each other on an installation/exhibition/ performance/whatever-they-come-up-with, to be presented at the end of the Spring 2009 semester and funded by the Fine Arts College Council.
TO SUBMIT:1) download the 2008-2009 submission form at:www.sg.ufl.edu/facc
2) fill it out
3) e-mail it along with the following:
– Visual: a jpeg format photo of the work- Art History: a doc format file of the paper- Theatre/Dance/Performance: scripts, recordings, video footage, and/or descriptive materials- Music: a pdf format score and recording/midi rendering
to CirqueDesArts@gmail.com by Dec. 5th, 2008


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