>Nov. 7th H.O.T. Clay Meeting Minutes


  • H.O.T. Clay Meeting
    November 7th 3pm throwing Lab


  • Poster Distribution
    Please deliver all posters by Monday evening. Posters and Flyers are located outside Linda’s office on the free table.
  • Packing Work
    Everyone needs to be at the studio by 6pm Tuesday to help deliver the work to the storage room at the Reitz Union.
    All work for the sale needs to be labeled and packed up into boxes by 6pm Tuesday the 11th.
    Label materials and instructions are kept on the H.O.T. Clay post it board in the main hallway. After you have labeled your work and filled out the inventory sheet please make sure to give it to Kristin Tuesday at 6pm.
  • Pricing
    Price your work fairly. Even though you might just want to be rid of it, underpriced work sends the wrong message of the value of the handmade and makes it much harder for those who are trying to sell their work for a fair price.
  • Signup Sheet for Sale
    Sign up for two regular shifts and at least one “set up” or “take down” shifts
    There are still spaces available for sign up.
  • First Day, Wednesday the 12
    The more people we have to help set up the better, if you can’t work an entire shift it would still be of great help to assist in setting up in the morning.
  • Raffle
    The sale needs some raffle items. The Raffle is a great way to make money and involve a lot of people who wouldn’t normally buy something from the sale. If you have something to donate please contact Kelley Eggert .

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