>Oct 30 H.O.T. Clay meeting minutes

>Regular meeting H.O.T. Clay
Oct 30th 6pm throwing lab

The club voted on two different t-shirt designs.
Winners: Brian, Pat
Images of winning designs will be posted soon.

H.O.T. Clay member submission deadline is Nov 20th
The Club Will be taking Slides Nov 16th for members

Sarah M has filed a Tarp Advertisement Form for the space by the Reitz Union.
The Club Voted unanimously to purchase Tarp

Meredith volunteered to be in charge of purchasing 8×10 tarp to be reimbursed later.
Meredith has volunteered to head Tarp Painting, she will be needed others to help.

Campus Flyering: Everyone in the Club will be designated an area to flyer with a partner

Classes in other areas have been coming to ceramics to barrow pedestals for critiques. The club has decided that this is permissible if the students sign out the pedestal and leave their student ID in exchange to be returned when pedestals are returned.
Pat Has volunteered to inventory Pedestals.


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