>Campus Flyering

>Here is the Breakdown of the Campus. We are all going to be flyering an area of campus. The number next to your names corresponds to the area of campus you have been assigned. We tried to make this as fair as possible. One person in the group will receive a stack of flyers and one or two posters. It is up to you and your partner to decide how to disseminate the publicity. I’m hoping to have the materials to you all by Wednesday. I know that this is one more responsibility piled on, remember that we are all busy and this is the most fair way to divy up the work. It shouldn’t be more than an hour of your time.

If I missed anyone please speak up.

1. Kristin, Sarah M

2. Kelley, Alan

3. Ben, Nina

4. Gina, Hannah

5. Steph, Meredith

6. Pat

7. Brian, Sara T

8. Chris, Robin

9. Chandra

10. Charlie, V

11. ?

12. Elliot, TJ


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