>Oct 17th H.O.T Clay Meeting minutes

>Regular meeting H.O.T. Clay
Oct 17th 3pm throwing lab

The club has decided to order 24 S, 26 M, 27 L, 20 XL and 11XXL shirts.
Colors will be decided when finished designs have been voted on by the club.
Design voting has been tabled for the next meeting tentatively scheduled on Oct 31

H.O.T. Clay Locker
Steph motions
Kristin Seconds
H.O.T. Clay will resupply the locker of needed materials.
Kristin has volunteered to inventory the locker to ascertain what items need ordering.
H.O.T. Clay will vote at the next meeting to approve the purchases.

Ben will e-mail Ray regarding the studio purchase of epoxies so that instructors may demonstrate methods of sculpture repair.


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