>Oct 3rd HOT Clay meeting minutes

>Regular meetingHOT Clay
Oct 3rd Meeting minutes

Door Prizes

Past Meeting Minutes

Mark Burleson: Will not be able to give a workshop in the 2008/2009 School year.

Photography Back Drop Paper: Kelley has purchased the new backdrop, has turned in receipt to the Treasurer and the backdrop has been delivered to the studio.

Plaster reclaim tables: tables will require 213 lbs of plaster priced at .31 cents a lb.
Two 100lb bags
Ben Motions,
Kelley Seconds:
Hot Clay will pay $70 for plaster needed to pay for tables.

T-Shirt Designs and voting tabled for next week.
Sara will e-mail Pat information regarding t-shirt- color, sizes and prices

Oct 18th @ 6pm
Wed, Oct 15th Clay reclaiming for make-a-thon: Allen, Elliot and Sara

Art Bash:
Sale will take place under the breezeway in the courtyard of the fine arts complex.
Art Bash duty signup sheet will be a part of the HOT Clay Sale sheet.

Art Bash space designation:
Hallway- 2757, 2757, Hands on Making,
B14- Gallery space for Grads and Advance students
B16-Non majors, Vessel 1, Advanced Ceramics
Glaze Room- Figure Sculpture

HOT Clay Sale Committee formations
Publicity- Pat, Charlie, Meredith, Sarah M, Chris, Allen
Set up/Take down- Chandra, Sara, Hannah
Money- Kristin, Kelley, Elliot, Robin

If you are not on a committee please email Pat @ uf.hotclay@gmail.com


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