>Sept 19th meeting minutes

>Regular meeting
HOT Clay
September 19th Throwing -Lab 3pm

Reviewed Previous meeting minutes

Jason Briggs Workshop
Poster Distribution –TJ
Power Point File for Art Office Advertisement- Pat
Call Alligator to get Photo Taken- Charlie

Thursday Lunch Pot-Luck
Sign up sheet is in the hallway near Linda’s office
Friday Night Dinner Pot-Luck
Friday @ 7pm Chandra And Stephanie’s home.
Sign up sheet is in the hallway near Linda’s office

Plaster Reclaim Tables
Elliot reported that the department will not pay for plaster for reclaim table; H.O.T. Clay has requested an approximated itemized list of expenditures in creating said tables.

H.O.T. Clay Sale
Committee formation: A second year grad will chair one of three committees. Committees are as follows:
Set up/take down
Third year grads will volunteer for one of these committees to assist the chair and train a first year grad to take over chair responsibilities in their second year. Graduate students will work in the same committee for their entire academic career at UF. The first year grad is training, second year grad is chairing, third year grad is assisting. Undergraduates and Postbaccs will also volunteer for a committee.

Charlie will chair T-shirt Printing committee, he will need volunteers when it is time to print.
At the next meeting (October 3rd 3pm) the club will vote on T-shirt designs.
Spring Visiting Artist Jason Walker has been asked to submit a design.

Currents Juried Show-Jan 20th –Feb 6th
Submission deadline is Nov 1st, current H.O.T. Clay member s are exempt from entry fees.
Hannah has agreed to research address
Next meeting there will be committee formation to delegate responsibilities.

Mark Burleson Update
Mark has informed us that his workshops are not suitable for one day formats and will need at least two days. Final details have yet to be decided to present alternatives to the Club.

Photo Backdrop paper
Kelley has agreed to purchase the new roll of backdrop paper and then file the receipt with Kristin to be reimbursed.


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